3 Best Greenhouses to Buy Online for Colder Climates

A Riga Greenhouse

Online shopping is an art, and mastering it is not so difficult. However, while the online internet retail space is full of sellers, not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. You have to do your homework and choose a credible online store to buy your desired products and services.

The same goes for buying greenhouses and greenhouses kits online. With the winter season coming up, the demand for cold-weather greenhouses has spiked dramatically. Home gardeners and commercial greenhouse growers look for winter upgrades and newer greenhouses to maximize their plant’s quality and quantity.

This detailed blog highlights some of the best greenhouses you can buy online this season. All these products are available online at Mulberry Greenhouses—a leading, professional, foolproof greenhouse distributor in the US. So let’s get started.

Riga Greenhouses

Wintertime is rarely nice to gardeners and greenhouse growers. The season comes with unique and challenging problems that keep gardeners on their toes, but greenhouses are a savior. They enable gardeners to grow their favorite plants even when the temp drop below freezing points.

One such greenhouse is manufactured by Riga. The company produces one of the finest polycarbonate greenhouse ranges. A Riga greenhouse is remarkably strong, well-built, and efficient. While season extension might not be its main forte, gardeners can yield fine produce using additional greenhouse heaters and composters.

Opt for a Riga XL greenhouse for maximum gardening efficiency. It features twin-wall polycarbonate walls, a Dutch barn door, auto windows, and heavy-duty rubber seals. The German-made polycarbonate material offers intense UV prevention and improved airflow.

Cross Country Greenhouses

With complete customization liberty, one cannot go wrong with a Cross Country greenhouse. Known as the world’s best hobby greenhouse brand, BCG Greenhouses offers an impeccable range of winter-friendly greenhouses. Cross Country greenhouses can be personalized according to elevation and dimension requirements.

You can also get a custom-built greenhouse with additional snow and wind load. The company offers site preparation services to ensure your winter greenhouse stays put when the weather gets harsh.

The best part is you can choose among various greenhouse glazing options, including single-tempered, insulated double glass, five-wall polycarbonate, and laminated glass! Impressive, right?

Cross Country custom greenhouse

Solexx Greenhouses

Solexx never disappoints greenhouse gardeners. The US-based greenhouse brand has the edge over the competitors due to its better grip on local weather effects. Solexx polycarbonate greenhouses offer ideal thermal mass, high-density wall and flooring, and polyethylene plastic for maximum sunlight diffusion.

A Solexx conservatory greenhouse

They feature storm-preventing windows, high R-value, and minimal heat escaping for better plant health and growth rate.

Quality Greenhouse Kits and Greenhouse Accessories for Sale

Mulberry Greenhouses prioritizes customer satisfaction and product quality. We’re a leading greenhouse kit, and greenhouse accessories distributor offering reliable products are reasonable prices. You can count on us for original branded greenhouses and high-performance greenhouse fans, heaters, vents, louvers, pollinators, and more.

A MONT polycarbonate greenhouse for sale online

We offer Solexx, Cross Country, Monticello greenhouse for sale, Riga, Lumen & Forge, Janssens greenhouse for sale, and many other greenhouse brands under one roof.

Contact us for more details, and browse our products to find what you’re looking for!

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