3 Reasons to Buy the Exaco Janssens Cathedral Victorian Orangery Greenhouse

The Cathedral Victorian Orangery greenhouse in the daytime

Exaco Janssens is a pioneer in manufacturing quality Victorian-style greenhouses that are quite popular across Europe. The Cathedral Victorian Orangery greenhouse is another masterpiece from their production line. Mulberry Greenhouses is proud to be a leading distributor of this amazing greenhouse in the continental US.

If you want to buy a greenhouse that’s versatile and spacious with a lot of features, you can’t go wrong with the Cathedral Victorian Orangery greenhouse. Here are some reasons why you should get this greenhouse for your backyard.

Amazing Features and Technical Specifications

The Exaco Janssens Cathedral Victorian Orangery greenhouse has some amazing features. Here are the technical specifications for this greenhouse.

  • It has a spacious surface area spanning 298 square feet.
  • The greenhouse comes with a premium set of hinged doors with efficient closers.
  • You’ll get one sliding door.
  • It has one Louvre window to help maintain the temperature in the greenhouse.
  • Comes with four quality windows with automatic openers.
  • It has a welded aluminum framing and 4mm tempered glass giving it plenty of strength.
  • Extended roof cupola section for plant growing needs.

Before buying the greenhouse, check your local building codes because you might require permits to install this spacious greenhouse.

An empty Cathedral Victorian Orangery greenhouse

Major Benefits

The Cathedral Victorian Orangery has significant benefits compared to other greenhouses available in the market. Some of them are listed below:

  • The vast floor space of the greenhouse makes it an ideal multi-purpose structure. You can grow plants, set up an outdoor living area, entertainment room, and more.
  • They are quite strong, durable, and can withstand extreme temperatures. Ideal for areas with a windy or cold climate.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and will add value to your home.
  • It comes with a tempered 4mm glass which gives it some strength. The standard glass in the market comes at only 3mm.
  • Provides easy access through a premium set of lockable swinging and sliding doors.
Setting up the Cathedral Victorian Orangery greenhouse

In Comparison with Other Products

You can also buy the Exaco T-Shaped Junior Victorian Orangery or the Exaco Janssens T-Shaped Royal Victorian Orangery if you’re looking for similar products. However, the Cathedral Victorian Orangery greenhouse offers better utility in size, versatility, and features.

The Exaco T-Shaped Junior Victorian Orangerycomes in a size of 10ft x 13ft, and the T-Shaped Royal Orangery stands at 13ft x 16ft compared to the Cathedral Victorian,which comes at a size of 15ft x 20ft.

All products are TUV & GS tested and approved. All Exaco Janssens Orangeries provide better insulation than other glass greenhouses due to rubber seals, single pane windows, and tempered 4mm glass.

The Cathedral Victorian Orangery greenhouse is surrounded by plants

Buying Cathedral Orangery Greenhouse from Mulberry Greenhouses

If you want to get your hands on Exaco Janssens Victorian greenhouses, head to Mulberry Greenhouses. We are a premium distributor of these amazing Victorian-style greenhouses in the continental US and offer free standard shipping! 

You can also buy premium greenhouse accessories such as misting system for greenhouses, greenhouse heaters, and outdoor sinks. Contact us for more details.

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