4 Best Greenhouses You Can Buy Online

A beautiful Solexx Greenhouse

Serious gardeners and those interested in kick-starting their journey shouldn’t rush any decisions about buying a new greenhouse.

The buying process for greenhouse buyers can be an extensive one, given so many options available in the market. However, not all of the products perform the same. There are several technical and physical aspects that set each greenhouse apart from another.

Whether you’re looking for a greenhouse to add to an existing collection or your first one to hop on the home gardening bandwagon, this blog will help. Our experts at Mulberry Greenhouses have highlighted the five best greenhouse brands and design options you must check out!

1. Monticello Greenhouses

Even just the name, Monticello, is enough to describe the sheer robustness and versatility of the brand’s greenhouse products. The company has been making high-end greenhouses, greenhouse kits, and greenhouse accessories like exhaust fans for many years.

Their product quality sets them ahead of the competitors in the local US market. Almost all of the Monticello greenhouses come with an efficient ventilation system, with room for more accessories additions. While you may find a hobby greenhouse at a relatively cheaper rate, buying a Monticello greenhouse with twin-wall polycarbonate can be the best investment! Check out Monticello greenhouses here.

2. Exaco Greenhouses

Next up, Exaco greenhouses are classic, high-performance, and the true representation of the traditional Victorian style. Exaco’s greenhouse gardening kits offer maximum energy efficiency, year-round growing seasons, and an amazing space-optimized room. The Exaco greenhouse can be the perfect fit for any sort of backyard setting. Cruise through our range of Exaco greenhouses here.

Exaco greenhouses come with beautiful louvered windows and roof openers that make ventilation easier and efficient. These greenhouses are low-maintenance and offer home gardeners optimal freedom to over-winter specials or extend warm crop season.

Lumen & Forge Greenhouses

The geodesic domes are one of the prettiest greenhouse designs ever. They are not just unique, but also very high-performance. Lumen & Forge is a renowned brand creating a high-end geodesic dome greenhouse for design lovers. These greenhouses amalgamate aesthetics and efficiency into a single greenhouse. Lumen & Forge greenhouses can withstand harsh weather and snow due to their suitable shapes that prevent cold corners.

Riga Greenhouses

Known for their ultimate strength and sturdiness, Riga greenhouses are by far, the most durable greenhouses available in the market. These greenhouses are known to withstand the harshest climate conditions, even those akin to Alaska’s weather.

Riga greenhouse for sale at Mulberry Greenhouses

Riga is a well-known greenhouse manufacturing company, providing twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouse for sale equipped with advanced rear vents, auto-window openers, and more. Learn more about riga greenhouse for sale here or shop right away!

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