A Complete Review of Riverstone Thoreau Greenhouse Kits

The Riverstone Thoreau greenhouse kit.

If you’re looking for a quality educational greenhouse package for your school or educational institution with a horticulture program, you can’t go wrong with the Riverstone Thoreau greenhouse kit. You can’t buy a normal greenhouse to use in an educational facility.

The Riverstone Thoreau greenhouse kit ticks all the boxes you need from a quality educational kit. Named after the renowned naturalist and agriculturist Henry David Thoreau, this greenhouse kit is packed with many features. Let’s take a comprehensive look at this greenhouse kit.

What Can They Be Used For?

The Thoreau educational greenhouse kit is designed for institutions and correctional facilities to carry out horticulture programs and therapeutic sessions. They are quite different from hobby or commercial greenhouses and are designed to accommodate many students.

The greenhouse has significant accessories and capabilities to allow students and people in correctional facilities to become a part of the overall growth process. They offer impeccable security and a premium locking system to secure the greenhouse when not in use. They are built from sturdy materials that ensure their longevity and come with a climate-control environment.

Riverstone Thoreau greenhouse kit during daylight

Technical Specifications

Mulberry Greenhouses provides the Thoreau greenhouse kit in two specific sizes. You can get the 12ft x 24ft or the 12ft x 18ft one. The size you select will depend on the space you currently have and the number of students enrolled in your horticulture program.

You can also get the greenhouse kit in a metallic color made from steel/polycarbonate. You’ll find robust side and end walls made of twin polycarbonate. The roof is also made of the same material.

The educational kit also has a sturdy steel entrance door with French glass and a robust lockset. The greenhouse kit has two powerful 24-inch motorized shutters for air circulation and an 18-inch Quietaire industrial exhaust fan. The greenhouse kit also comes with quality commercial benches attached to the frame where students can participate in active experiments and help you teach the participants your intended horticulture lessons.

It’s important to control the thermostat inside the greenhouse, and this kit has a two-stage commercial thermostat to control the fans and shutters. A heater is installed within the kit to manage temperature, especially during the winter. The greenhouse kit also has a standard timer automatic greenhouse watering system.

Inside the Riverstone Thoreau greenhouse kit.

Reasons For Choosing the Riverstone Thoreau Greenhouse Kit

There are various reasons why you should choose the Riverstone Thoreau greenhouse kit over other options available in the market. They provide excellent utility and have major benefits that’ll help you conduct an efficient horticulture program in your educational institution.

  • It has a large surface area that helps accommodate many students.
  • Premium construction that ensures durability.
  • Temperature control provides a sustainable growing environment for plants and other produce.
  • The company is a pioneer in providing affordable greenhouses for educational institutions.
  • Customizable greenhouses that come with all the accessories that a school or institution would need to conduct a successful horticulture program.
  • The ability to choose from various sizes and designs for your unique needs.
  • Adequate snow and wind load.
  • Customization is made to meet local regulations and permits.
The thermostat control in the greenhouse kit.

Buy Riverstone Thoreau Greenhouse Kit from Mulberry Greenhouses

Mulberry Greenhouses is proud to partner with Riverstone Industries to provide this amazing greenhouse kit. If you’re interested in buying one, fill out our contact form, and we will provide you with all the necessary information related to the greenhouse, engineering permits, and shipping.

We have partnered with some of the best greenhouse manufacturers, such as Exaco, Mont, and Riga, to provide our customers with premium greenhouses. You can also buy premium greenhouse accessories such as automated water greenhouse watering systems,  greenhouse heaters, and portable outdoor sink.

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