Best Glass Greenhouses You Should Consider in 2022

Glass greenhouses, hands down, are one of the best greenhouse variants ever. These beauties date back to the English Victorian era when gardening lovers first discovered their love for conservatories.

With technological advancements, manufacturers are offering cutting-edge, classic, and high-performance glass greenhouses that are a dream come true for gardening lovers.

In this blog, our experts at the Mulberry Greenhouses have listed and discussed the three most amazing glass greenhouse kits that are a must-have in 2022. So let’s get to know them without further ado!

Exaco Victorian VI23-VI34-Vi36-Vi46 and the Junior Victorian Greenhouses

Our first pick is the Exaco Victorian VI23 glass greenhouse. Made with high-end parts and raw material, this glass greenhouse is worth every penny. It’s ideal for beginners and pros looking to expand their gardening scope.

ExacoJanssens Royal Victorian VI23 Greenhouse 8ft x 10ft

The Exaco Victorian VI23 depicts an old-school, old-fashioned Victorian vibe but is laced with advanced features. Some of the main qualities that make this glass greenhouse kit a must-buy product include:

  • Extended fifteen-year warranty for your ultimate peace of mind
  • Sturdy aluminum frame with electrostatic coatingfor a sheer, unparalleled finish
  • 4mm tempered glass coupled with the patented X-Strong polycarbonate material for extra strength and weather resistance
  • A beautiful decorative roof edge for that classic English era aesthetic appeal

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ExacoCathedral Victorian Orangerie

Looking for something more sophisticated and extravagant? Don’t miss out on the uber-chic Exaco Cathedral Victorian Orangerie. This glass greenhouse speaks of charm, beauty, and excellent performance.

A prime feature that makes this particular glass greenhouse stand out is an additional, large cupola. A cupola is a dome or structurally designed outer part at the top of a greenhouse that serves as a source of better light diffusion and air ventilation. Some of the other noteworthy benefits that make the ExacoOrangerie worthy of buying include:

  • Tempered glass body that’s impact and UV-resistant
  • Heavy-duty aluminum joints and reinforcements that stabilize the large structure
  • This greenhouse comes with a pre-welded, factory-made structure for installation convenience
  • Acovered area of 298 square feet

Janssens Retro Royal Victorian VI34- Vi36-Vi46 Greenhouse

Now that you know about the two most popular Victorian-style glass greenhouses, we have an option for those greenhouse gardeners who want something more retro. It’s the Janssens Retro Royal Victorian greenhouse.

This stylish and durable glass greenhouse features a black frame that offers a more stunning, contemporary look with a retro appeal. It comes with lockable double-hinged doors and hydraulic door handles for improved user-friendliness.

Fun Fact: The Janssens Retro Royal Victorian VI46 greenhouse is commonly knownas “The Roman Bathhouse” or “Windsor Estate.”


Because it has intricately-designed sidewalls and roof ridges. Shop it today!

Cross Country Parkside and Legacy Greenhouses

Cross Country glass greenhouses are getting dramatic popularity by the day. The Parkside 8x8 greenhouse can be considered the best urban-sized greenhouse for home gardeners. The company offers these greenhouses in tempered glass, low-E glass, and single/double glass glazing options.

A Cross Country greenhouse available at Mulberry Greenhouses

You can get your hands on Cross Country greenhouses in forest green, white, dark brown, and black color finishes. Some of the other key features of these glass greenhouses include:

  • Lockable door kit
  • Tempered glass sidewalls
  • Twinwall polycarbonate roofs
  • Lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects
  • Roof vent, and much more!

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