Can A “MONT” Greenhouse Survive Winter Season?

A MONT greenhouse available at Mulberry Greenhouses

Made in the US, MONT greenhouses are nothing but perfection. Made with extremely good quality polycarbonate material, these greenhouses are quite popular among greenhouse users. MONT was formerly known as Monticello and has been renamed recently.

Their greenhouses are available in various sizes, designs, and configurations, allowing gardeners to enjoy better, more productive gardening outcomes. MONT greenhouses are commercial-grade, highly efficient, and reliable. They have several qualities, among which, their ability to sustain high-impact weather events really catches a customer’s eye.

In this blog, the experts at Mulberry Greenhouses have shed light on MONT greenhouses’ weather-resistance features. So let’s get into the details now.

MONT Greenhouses and Winter Seasons—Is There a Connection?

Yes, most definitely. MONT greenhouses are a great pick if you’re looking for a winter-friendly greenhouse. It allows you to grow your favorite plants and crops without worrying about frosting, under-heating, and poor irrigation issues.

You can use a MONT greenhouse to grow plants that germinate and thrive well in cold weather. Their performance can be improved using greenhouse grow lights and greenhouse heaters for optimum production.

MONT solar power kit for sale

Helps in Maintaining the Right Temp at the Right Time

Perfect timing is crucial when it comes to growing in the winter season. Using a MONT greenhouse, all you have to do is pick the right harvesting time, and you’ll be easily able to have a thriving garden.

So what are the features that make a MONT greenhouse ideal for wintertime gardening?

Extruded Aluminum Framework

MONT greenhouses have frames made of extruded aluminum manufactured in the US. This aluminum is not sourced from poor-quality manufacturing units. Their frames are painted black with electrostatically charged coating with 0% lead particles.

What’s more, a MONT greenhouse is impact resistant because it contains as much as 40 Lbs., more aluminum content than average greenhouse products. This high-strength framework is the key to a MONT greenhouse’s suitability for winter growing.


Another key feature that makes MONT the most efficient pick for winter time gardening is its frame’s UV stability and impact resistance. They’re more efficient at providing insulation than other 4mm thick-walled greenhouses.

Easy Configuration

MONT greenhouses come with easy-to-assemble features. All you need is a quick-connect tool box that can help you connect screws across the base, gutter, downspout, door, and vents.

What’s more, a small 8’x8’ MONT greenhouse is perfect and suitable for hobby gardeners but it is as good as any commercial-grade greenhouse.

Efficient Features

A MONT greenhouse kit is replete with highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly features. These greenhouses also come with an extensive 10-year warranty, POC panels, a set of assembled double doors, a wrench and screwdriver, and a complete instruction manual.

And that’s not all. You can further equip your MONT greenhouse with additional greenhouse accessories like shelves, heaters, composters, automatic greenhouse watering system, and grow lights. All of these greenhouse accessories are readily available at Mulberry Greenhouses. We’re a leading greenhouse distributor offering MONT Mojave, conventional, Growers, and Premium greenhouses for sale at competitive rates.

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