Cross Country Legacy Greenhouses—A Review

8×8 Legacy Greenhouse

Greenhouse gardening is your ultimate solution to growing the best-quality veggies, flowers, and fruits right in your yard. It’s a highly enjoyable experience that can reduce stress and signs of anxiety.

However, you need to pick the right greenhouse to adequately fulfill your gardening requirements. And today, we’re here with a product that’s perfect for newbie gardeners, i.e., Cross Country 8x8 Legacy greenhouse. Continue reading this blog to learn about this greenhouse in detail.

High-Class Features

Cross Country is a popular greenhouse brand that offers advanced, high-end features at a very low price. It’s the main reason behind its uber-fame among first-time greenhouse buyers. So what makes the Legacy greenhouse so high-performance? Let’s find out!

  • Cross Country Legacy greenhouses come with a sturdy polycarbonate roof, built-in shading, and a brown frame.
  • The greenhouse has an impressive snow load capacity of 32 lbs and wind load capacity of 85 mph, which is perfect for homegardeners.
  • It’s referred to as the best of both worlds because the greenhouse offers a poly roof and frame with thick glass sidewalls.
  • While this greenhouse has a built-in door kit, you can talk to the experts at Mulberry Greenhouses to add a particular door kit or vent.
  • The Legacy greenhouse has a slope of 5/12 and a 23-degree pitch,making it easier for rainwater and snow to slide down.

Price Advantage

Cross Country greenhouses are one of the best-priced greenhouses in the market. It’s a no-brainer that no other greenhouse brand can compete with the value for money offered by Cross Country. On top of the price advantage, Cross Country greenhouses offer a wide range of products that can be a perfect addition to any garden.

You can now buy the Cross Country 8x8 Legacy greenhouse at a 40% slashed price only at Mulberry Greenhouses. So what’re you waiting for now? Grab the deal right away!

Heavy-Duty Frame

The sturdiness and strength of the Cross Country Legacy greenhouse are unmatchable. According to BC Greenhouses, this product is made of aircraft-grade aluminum baked with enamel coating.

The greenhouse offers UV-resistance roof panels that make your greenhouse gardening easier, safer, and more lucrative.

Where Should You Place Your Cross Country Legacy Greenhouse?

The 8x8 size dimension of Legacy greenhouse makes it possible for homeowners to place this product even in very tight spaces. However, you should choose the correct direction, a flat surface, and a spot that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight.

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Cross Country Legacy Greenhouses for sale at Mulberry Greenhouses

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