Cross Country Sun Haven Greenhouses—A Review

A Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouse

Manufactured in Canada, Cross Country greenhouses are an excellent choice for hobby gardeners. BC Greenhouses is the design and build company behind the impeccable Cross Country greenhouse range.

Today, we're reviewing the Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouses that are compact, efficient, and highly durable. So if you're looking to expand your garden or interested in buying your first-even greenhouse, Cross Country Sun Haven will surely be one of the top contenders.

So let's discuss this product's specifications, qualities, and other notable features in detail.

A Small Greenhouse for Larger Production

You'd be surprised to find out how much you can grow inside a compact 64 sq. ft. greenhouse. Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouses feature space-saving, highly versatile size dimensions of 8' - 7 1/2" Height x 8' - 7 1/2" Width.

These greenhouses have five to six feet side wall height and approx. 8.5 ft. tall ridges. You can easily fit this greenhouse in smaller spaces such as a residential backyard or patio.

Efficiency Features

Every greenhouse gardener wishes to improve their greenhouse's efficiency and impact resistance. However, several greenhouse brands don't prioritize sturdiness and weather-impact reducing features. That's why you should consider renowned brands like Cross Country, Riga greenhouse, and Exaco when buying a greenhouse.

Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouse installed in a yard

For example, the Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouses feature amazing wind and snow load balancing strength. The said greenhouses can withstand 32 PSF snow load and 85 MPH of Wind load, making them suitable for rough weather regions.

Moreover, Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouses require very low maintenance and are not vulnerable to humidity-led corrosion.

Growing Space Optimization

BC Greenhouses claim that Sun Haven greenhouses offer around 75% more growing space than alternative products of similar dimensions. Its tall construction allows gardeners to hang plants, grow vine plants, and install additional storage shelving and seed trays.

Plants inside a Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouse

Aesthetic Appeal

One cannot overlook the importance of aesthetics when buying a hobby greenhouse, and the Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouse surely doesn't disappoint. These greenhouses are available in white, brown, and green framed colors. And you can add more greenhouse accessories to them, such as greenhouse shelves, garden beds, and fans.

You can also add an automatic heater, grow lights, and watering system to your Sun Haven greenhouse for improved efficiency.

BC Greenhouses also offer a wide range of Cross Country greenhouse series, including Parkside, Cape Cod, and the Legacy greenhouses. All of these greenhouses feature stainless steel reinforcements, high-standard, glazed polycarbonate coverings, and wet baked-on enamel coating.

Greenhouse plants

You can also request Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouse customization with additional potting benches or shelves. At Mulberry Greenhouses, we offer a wide range of greenhouse kits, smart grow cabinet and a holistic greenhouse guides section. Check it out today to learn about greenhouse gardening, product reviews, and more!

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