Exaco Janssens Greenhouse vs. Palram: Which One to Buy?

Greenhouse buyers interested in investing in a royal Victorian greenhouse often get confused between the two best greenhouse kit manufacturers: Exaco Janssens and Palram.

The said greenhouse manufacturers are known for their high-quality greenhouses, but one is better than the other. Since a greenhouse is a significant investment, buying the right one is crucial.

This blog discusses whether greenhouse buyers should choose an Exaco Janssens greenhouse or a Palram greenhouse. So let’s get into the details without further ado.

Material Difference

Exaco Janssens is known for its glass greenhouses. Made with chip, UV, and breakage-resistant glass material, these greenhouses are designed to take your gardening experience up a notch.

Exaco makes greenhouses with tempered crystal glass. They provide high insulation value and improved safety. In contrast, while Palram greenhouses are also made with high-end polycarbonate material, they may not be as beautiful and efficient as Exaco greenhouses.

Snow Load

When it comes to choosing between an Exaco and Palram greenhouse, buyers should take snow load and the glazing type into account. The Exaco VI 23, Vi 24, and VI 46, among other products, are certified under the International Building Code for snow and wind loads. For example, the VI 23 small can withstand 30 lbs PSF ground load and 20 PSF on the roof. Moreover, it can also resist wind gusts of as much as 130 mph.

Check out Exaco’s Structural Certification - Snow & Wind Load here.

On the other side, the Palram greenhouses can also withstand a significant amount of snow and wind load, but not as well as Exaco greenhouses. For example, a hobby greenhouse by Palram can hold up to 15 lbs PSF and wind gust of no more than 56 mph.

Demand Frequency

The Royal Victorian greenhouses by Exaco Janssens enjoy worldwide popularity. Their cutting-edge features make them stand out among many other options available in the market. Due to overwhelming Exaco demand, it’s not always possible to get a greenhouse delivered on time. However, this is not the case with Palram greenhouses.

A high-quality, black greenhouse

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Aesthetic Value

Although it’s not as important as functionality, aesthetic appeal is an important consideration when choosing a greenhouse. Exaco Royal Victorian greenhouses feature the classic English-style greenhouse design, which increases your property’s curb appeal. Palram greenhouses are also made with well-designed components. However, they don’t feature the eye-catching black and dark green finish like Exaco greenhouses.

This may be a turning point for greenhouse buyers.


Whether you’re a greenhouse gardening newbie or a seasoned professional, you must know that the durability of your greenhouse matters a lot. This is why you may want to consider glass greenhouses by Exaco Jannsens. Studies show that glass greenhouses last 20 to 30 years more than polycarbonate greenhouses.

All in all, glass is the sturdiest greenhouse material and can withstand weather, collision, and heat impact better than any other greenhouse material. What’s more, glass greenhouses complement covering materials well. However, polycarbonate is better at withstanding cracks and damage impact than glass.

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