Greenhouse Composters—Are They Worth Your Money?

A labeled diagram showing different parts of a composter

If we talk about the hottest combination in horticulture, it has to be greenhouse gardening and composting! This combined activity is an excellent way to fuel plant quality and growth without adding chemicals or artificial fertilizers to the soil.

And that is the ultimate reason for the growing popularity of greenhouse composters. Mulberry Greenhouses offers quality greenhouse kits and accessories in the US. But we also want our readers to learn about different greenhouse products and their environmental benefits.

Today, in this detailed blog, we will highlight the reasons for buying a greenhouse composter and how it can be your most rewarding purchase yet. So let’s get started!

Natural Heating for Greenhouse

Want to improve your greenhouse environment at a substantial rate? Try using your homemade compost for greenhouse heating. The compost offers a certain level of heating that can be a good addition to your plants, especially during winter. You must, however, use the right compost-to-greenhouse size ratio to get the heating right.

A mobile greenhouse composter

According to the New Alchemy Institute in Massachusetts, compost can raise a greenhouse’s internal temperature by 3-5 degrees during winter nights.For best results, try gathering at least 25 cubic yards of compost for a 576 sq. ft. greenhouse. In short, you can build a symbiotic relationship between your garden and composter! So don’t wait and buya greenhouse composter today.


A greenhouse composter comes in various shapes in sizes. You can either choose a small one for your hobby greenhouse or opt for a bigger, commercial-grade composter to produce larger compost quantities.

Greenhouse composters are movable and therefore, don’t require a fixed spot for installation. Most of them feature wheels for easy transportation.

A man using a greenhouse composter


Using a composter isn’t as difficult as you think, which makes it a highly suitable greenhouse accessory for beginners too. You just have to layer different types of compost materials inside your composter bin and let them merge into a brownish material. However, you should study the amount and role of animal manure and water in composting.

A good quality compost contains two parts: green and brown. The green part consists of leaves, mulch, and kitchen food waste, whereas the manure makes up for brown ingredients. The green part releases nitrogen and the manure offers microbial enzymes to fast-track the composting process.

Compost storage buckers

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