How Does a Riga Greenhouse Support Sustainable Gardening?

A beautiful Riga greenhouse

There’s hardly any state in the US where you won’t find urban gardeners and farming reaping the benefits of an energy-efficient greenhouse. As a growing and highly advantageous gardening medium, greenhouses offer numerous benefits to gardening lovers. However, we believe some greenhouse kits optimize energy efficiency better than others.

One such product is a Riga greenhouse. Available in small to XL sizes, Riga greenhouses are considered the most efficient and durable greenhouse for year-round gardening. It has also proven its mettle in terms of helping gardeners and farmers improve their product’s quality and growing conditions.

Continue reading this blog to learn how a Riga greenhouse can help you adopt cleaner, greener, safer, and more sustainable gardening practices.

1. Heat Loss Reducing Structure

Riga greenhouses are known for their durable framework and structural composition. Made with high-grade, commercial-standard polycarbonate glazing, Riga greenhouses are excellent at reducing heat loss. Maintaining adequate growing conditions and an ideal inside temperature in a Riga greenhouse is very easy due to its robust insulation.

A study shows that greenhouse users can reduce 40 to 60% of their heating costs by opting for a good-quality polycarbonate greenhouse such as Riga. This greenhouse features Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum, which is a more sustainable alternative to welded steel. And compared to steel, 80/20 ratio extruded aluminum is very tensile and can withstand 35,000 lbs. weight depending on its composition.

2. Year-Round Gardening

Riga allows gardeners to perform year-round gardening ans is especailly suitable for growing plants if you live in a harsh weather region. Another benefit of using a Riga is its large capacity and room for growing multiple types of plants. For example, a 165 sq.ft.

Riga greenhouse 5 offers a 7'6" high unit, 6'11" middle row unit, and a body as durable as a Volvo. Gardeners can produces roughly 2-3 pounds of fresh veggies, fruits, and other food crops per sq. ft. inside a Riga greenhouse.

3. Rainwater Collection and Recycling

Any greenhouse from renowned manufacturers such as Exaco, Solexx, or MONT can help you save lots of water. They don’t just help you protect your plants but also allow you to recycle available water resources.

You can collect rainwater and use it as a dependable gardening resource for your plants.

Finger touching the water surface

Rich in minerals and nutrients, rainwater can be very helpful in fast-tracking plant growth while conserving freshwater resources. Saving water inside a greenhouse is easier because the mist doesn’t evaporate as quickly as it does in the open air. Crops are planted quite close together, giving them a chance to share the resources. Moreover, you can install an automatic watering or drip irrigation system for a scheduled watering routine.

4. Protect Plants from Pests and Reduce Pesticide Usage

A Riga greenhouse comes with durable and reinforced structural elements with no room for pests or uninvited insects to get through to your plants. It creates a secure growing environment for the plants and reduces the risk of pest attacks. You can improve its pest resistance by creating a sturdy rot-resistance base for your Riga greenhouse.

Hence it’s safe to say that Riga greenhouses can improve your plants’ health and reduce their vulnerability to bacteria and pests, automatically reducing pesticide demand.

Tomatoes inside a greenhouse

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5. Preserving Wildlife

Traditional farming practices harm the wildlife in the surroundings. Farmers tend to clear away the ground area for expansion and use harsh chemicals to drive away wildlife. On the contrary, using a greenhouse allows you to grow crops in a small space without disturbing the environment. It doesn’t disturb the animals and insects in the surrounding areas while protecting your crops from them.

A ladybug on a leaf

A well-thought and designed greenhouse such as the Riga polycarbonate greenhouse can be quite an energy-efficient addition to your yard. Its construction and materials and developed according to the sustainability codes to minimize the environmental impact.

6. Cut Local Carbon Footprint

Riga greenhouses can also help you reduce your domestic carbon footprint by growing your food at home. This means fewer trips to grocery stores, fuel conservation, and waste recycling. Running a greenhouse space gives you ample opportunities to rethink your daily lifestyle practices. However, many people confuse greenhouses with greenhouse gases.

Homemade compost for greenhouse plants

Greenhouse gases aren’t necessarily produced by greenhouse farms and gardens. They result from harmful industrial processes such as in the cement and concrete factories. In contrast, using a sustainable and energy-friendly greenhouse can actually help you curb emissions.

Once your greenhouse is installed and running, it is practically harmless to the environment unless you use hazardous pesticides or traditional lighting sources. A sustainable greenhouse supports sustainable residential layouts, helps you repurpose kitchen and garden waste, and engages the users in ecological practices.

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7. Newer Ways to Lower the Emissions

A Riga greenhouse is efficient and sustainable, but the best part is that it allows you to increase its productivity and safety using technologically advanced greenhouse systems. You can opt for an automatic greenhouse heater, watering system, or solar-powered system to save energy.

Sustainable urban farming inside a greenhouse

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Quality LED grow lights are also available in the market that helps gardeners maintain optimum heat and light for their plants during dark and gloomy winter days. We also recommend you develop and install greenhouse shelves, garden beds, and other accessories using salvaged items. This can help in reducing tailpipe carbon emissions while recycling old building materials.

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