How Solexx Greenhouses Provide a Safe Growing Environment for Your Plants

A man attaching covers on a Solexx greenhouse frame

Solexx tops the list of durable greenhouses with lots of room and a well-built structure. America’s finest polycarbonate greenhouse manufacturing company has managed to sustain a stellar reputation by offering quality greenhouses over the years.

Hobby and commercial greenhouse experts love Solexx polycarbonate greenhouses as they prioritize plant quality and freshness above all else. In this blog, our team at Mulberry Greenhouses has listed some reasons for buying a Solexx greenhouse, especially when you want to ensure maximum plant safety and well-being.

A Solexx greenhouse interior

Matchless Durability

Solexx greenhouses have a life expectancy of 10 years, and with care, yours can last up to 15 years too! This explains how well these greenhouses are built. Solexx greenhouses are year-round greenhouses, equally functional for summer and winter seasons. You can count on them to withstand strong winds, snow, and hail.

Even more, a Solexx greenhouse requires minimal upkeep making greenhouse maintenance a hassle-free task for busy gardeners. You can buy new Solexx panels every few years for an instant performance and durability boost. Check out greenhouse kits and Solexx accessories on our website today.

A small, polycarbonate Solexx greenhouse with cute plants

Heating is Not a Challenge with Solexx Greenhouses

Gardeners always fear conservatory heating tasks. Most plants require an optimal heating level to grow well and stay pest-free. However, increased energy costs have taken a toll on everyone’s monthly budgets. Gardeners look for easy heating solutions and insulation options to improve their greenhouse’s efficiency during harsh weather.

Solexx greenhouses can help you overcome these challenges with their strong covering and superior R-factor. According to the manufacturer, a Solexx greenhouse can reduce your average greenhouse heating costs from $462 to $111 per year.

A new, durable Solexx greenhouse

Better Light Diffusion

Plants need sufficient light to stay fresh and healthy. You can opt for shade cloths and additional greenhouse vents to increase sunlight exposure inside your greenhouse. But Solexx greenhouses are excellent at light diffusion. Their overall structure and body evenly diffuse each light ray ensuring equal exposure to every plant.

Better light diffusion improves plant growth and health by as much as 30%. 

So if you’re in the market looking for a greenhouse that will maximize your plants’ well-being, Solexx is surely the perfect pick for you!

Trust Mulberry Greenhouses When Buying Greenhouses Online

Buying a greenhouse online can be a challenging task. Numerous online stores claim to sell original Solexx, Riga, and MONT kits, but they cannot be trusted easily. Mulberry Greenhouses offers a price match guarantee and complete customer satisfaction on all products. Whether you’re looking for a polycarbonate greenhouse for sale, glass greenhouse for sale, or greenhouse accessories, you know the answer!

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