Lumen & Forge Greenhouse: Is It As Good As It Looks?

Apart from the extended growing season and higher crop value, gardeners also look for aesthetic appeal when choosing a greenhouse.

With so many designs, sizes, and greenhouse material options available in the market, it can be tough to pick a product that offers an all-in-one solution to your gardening needs. Greenhouses used to be all about commercial gardening and crop production a few decades ago. Today, modern science and increased awareness have led gardeners to buy greenhouses for their backyards.

If you’re in the market searching for an aesthetic greenhouse, you may have already come across the Lumen & Forge geodesic greenhouse range. These unique, diamond-like, domed greenhouses are quite different from conventional greenhouse kits. But are they as good as they look? Definitely!

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Uniform Airflow

The first distinctive benefit of buying a Lumen & Forge geodesic dome greenhouse is its circular shape. The igloo-like structure allows easier, smoother, and more effective airflow through the interior, allowing plants to absorb adequate moisture.

Light Refraction

Typical greenhouses don’t usually offer light refraction properties. Unlike them, geodesic dome greenhouses by Lumen & Forge are impeccable at refracting light. This characteristic allows better light retention inside a greenhouse and reduces overall energy consumption.

Lumen & Forge greenhouses work extremely well in winters by enabling plants to absorb adequate sunlight.

Energy Efficiency

Insulation and energy efficiency are two important aspects of greenhouse gardening. Additional greenhouse accessories like heaters and fans can increase energy bills. This is where Lumen & Forge’s geodesic dome greenhouses can help. Pick a dome greenhouse if you want to amplify greenhouse lights, heat, and ventilation without installing extra greenhouse accessories. Check out the Lumen & Forge Geodesic Greenhouse Dome Kit - 20ft here.

A Lumen & Forge greenhouse interior

Due to its corner-less shape, a geodesic dome greenhouse provides higher conductivity and even heat diffusion.

More Benefits of Lumen & Forge Greenhouses

Other key benefits that make a Lumen & Forge geodesic dome greenhouse an ideal choice include:

  • Impeccable wind resistance
  • Up to 7lbs/ft² snow load capacitysince the snow slides right off the surface instead of sticking
  • Velcro side vents for improved airflow
  • Stable, durable structure
  • Better height to surface area ratio than typical greenhouse shapes
  • Smooth, powder-coated greenhouse frames
  • Vinyl joints and panels with improved heat, fire, and water resistance

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