Monticello Greenhouse Review

If you are looking for a high quality greenhouse that won't break your bank, a greenhouse that is sturdy and long-lasting, the Monticello Greenhouse might be a great a choice for you.  

Not all greenhouses are built the same and the Monticello line of greenhouses by Riverstone Industries proves this to be true. The Monticello is proudly made in the USA. Applying good old American ingenuity to make the best product for our customers and help to elevate the industry standards of all greenhouses.

Constructed from the highest quality extruded aluminum (US grade - not the thinner & more brittle foreign aluminum) and electrostatically painted Black (guaranteed to contain 0.0% lead), our greenhouse uses on average more than 40 lbs. more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse. Why is this important? The weaker the framework the less snow the greenhouse can hold in the winter time before collapsing on itself also the easier it will be get damages in wind. While most hobby greenhouses on the market us less expensive thinner walls and roofing materials (the crystal clear walls are as thin as .2mm), the Monticello uses professional grade 8mm twin wall polycarbonate. This is the same thickness as used in the commercial greenhouses.

The twin wall polycarbonate acts as a double pain window keeping cooler air in during warm months and insulating the greenhouse from cold air in the wintertime. This not only makes the Monticello more efficient to grow in for a longer period of time than other greenhouses but it also adds to the efficiency of growing, cutting down electric bills for those who choose to grow year round.

At 7ft 6in tall at the peak the Monticello's above average interior height design also helps with displacing heat within the greenhouse while also allowing for the tallest gardeners not to have to bend down when inside the greenhouse. From the integrated base to the built in rain water gutter system, to the automatic roof vent opener and the newly redesigned hinged double doors with an opening of almost 6ft high x 4 & ½ft wide ensures you are sure to enjoy the Monticello greenhouse for years to come.

The Monticello also offers the ability to grow as your needs grow with the 4ft extension kit that can be purchased anytime in the future. You get what you pay for and with the Monticello this rings true. We back the Monticello with the strongest warranty in the industry (10 yrs.) on the frame and Polycarbonate. For the gardener that is looking for a mid-priced greenhouse system that will supply years of hassle free indoor gardening this is the greenhouse for you. We hope you enjoy growing in the Monticello as much as we enjoyed designing it.

Not all greenhouses are built the same and the Monticello line of greenhouses by Riverstone Industries proves this to be true. 

General Features of Monticello Greenhouse Packages

While most hobby greenhouses on the market use less expensive thinner walls and Riverstone, RSI, Monticello, greenhouse, outdoor structure, blackroofing materials (the crystal clear walls are as thin as .2mm), the Monticello uses professional grade 8mm twin wall polycarbonate. This is the same thickness as used in the commercial greenhouses. The twin wall polycarbonate acts as a double pain window keeping cooler air in during warm months and insulating the greenhouse from cold air in the wintertime. This not only makes the Monticello more efficient to grow in for a longer period of time than other greenhouses but it also adds to the efficiency of growing, cutting down electric bills for those who choose to grow year round.

  • 🌿  Frame - extruded aluminum
  • 🌿  Walls/ Roof -Monticello uses professional grade  8mm twin wall Polycarbonate 
  • 🌿  Roof Peak: 7ft, 6in
  • 🌿  Wall Height: 4 ft 10in
  • 🌿  4 ft extension available

What are the Available Sizes?

  • 🌿  8 ft x 8 ft
  • 🌿  8 ft x 12 ft
  • 🌿  8 ft x 16 ft
  • 🌿  8 ft x 20 ft
  • 🌿  8 ft x 24 ft

What does it take to assemble it?

  • 🥝  Hinged Lockable Double Doors,
  • 🥝  Patent Pending Twist & Lock single bolt (allowing for fewer parts)
  • 🥝  Sturdy rigid "ribbed" design for quick interlocking assembly
  • 🥝  Under 4 hours to assemble
  • 🥝  Tools - Phillips screwdriver/ wrench

Here is a video showing how to quickly assemble the Monticello Greenhouse:

What are the different types of Monticello Greenhouses?

Monticello Basic and Premium Package: 

  • 🌳  Sidewall height 4'10" 
  • 🌳  Large 4x6 ft wide door opening
  • 🌳  2x2 ft roof vent with automatic opener,
  • 🌳  Integrated dual rain water gutter system
  • 🌳  Hinged Lockable Double DoorsMonticello Premium
  • 🌳  New Patent Pending Twist & Lock single bolt (makes assembly quicker and easier over prior version)
  • 🌳  Snow load capacity of 24lbs/sq. ft., Wind load of 65 MPH
  • 🌳  Quick assembly construction
  • 🌳  Integrated flush base design
  • 🌳  High impact UV stable 8mm twin wall polycarbonate walls and roof,
  • 🌳  Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame construction OR Black 10 year warrantyelectrostatically painted frame
  • 🌳  Efficient - average cost to run greenhouse year round $100-$150
  • 🌳  Care Instructions: Soapy Water
  • 🌳  Full 10 year warranty (strongest in the industry);

What is included in the basic package?

  • 🌿  All Aluminum framework
  • 🌿  All Polycarbonate panels
  • 🌿  Set of assembled double doors,
  • 🌿  Hardware, instruction manual, screw driver and wrench

What is included in the Premium Package?

  • 🥝   Riverstone Monticello greenhouse
  • 🥝   Work Bench System
  • 🥝   Interior Shading Cloths (Rated at 63%)
  • 🥝   Programmable Watering System
  • 🥝   Potting Sink

 Monticello Greenhouse

Monticello Growers Edition

  • 🌳  Snow load capacity of 24lbs/sq. ft., Wind load of 65 mph
  • 🌳  Light Diffusing UV stable 8mm twin wall polycarbonate walls and roofMonticello Growers
  • 🌳  Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame construction, Natural Aluminum color with protective coating
  • 🌳  Two- roof vents 2ft x 2ft with automatic openers
  • 🌳  Integrated dual rain water gutter system
  • 🌳  Large wide door opening – approximately 6ft H x 4ft W
  • 🌳  Hinged Lockable Double Doors, Patent Pending Twist & Lock single bolt (allowing for fewer parts)

15 years

  • 🌳  EASY assembly construction, Integrated flush base design
  • 🌳  Care instruction: Soapy water.
  • 🌳  15 yr. warranty (strongest in the industry)

What is included in the Growers Edition?

  • 🌿  The Monticello Greenhouse
  • 🌿  Monticello electric ventilation system
  • 🌿  Monticello 8ft commercial folding bench system
  • 🌿  8mm light diffusing roof and wall panels
  • 🌿  17,000 BTU commercial heating system,
  • 🌿  Genesis drip irrigation system with programmable timer. 

Monticello Greenhouse

Monticello Mojave Edition

  • 🌳   One Large 6ft x 4ft wide door opening
  • 🌳   Snow load capacity of 24lbs/sq. ft., Wind load of 65 MPH
  • 🌳   Two- roof vents 2ft x 2ft  with automatic openers,
  • 🌳   EASY assembly construction.
  • 🌳   Integrated flush base design. 
  • 🌳   High Impact UV Stable 8Mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Walls And Roof,
  • 🌳   Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Frame Construction, Electrostatically Painted Black Frame
  • 🌳   Integrated dual rain water gutter system 
  • 🌳   Hinged Lockable Double Doors
  • 🌳   Patent Pending Twist & Lock single bolt (allowing for fewer parts)
  • 🌳   Expandable - ability to expand greenhouse in 4ft increments as needs grow.

10 Years

  • 🌳   Efficient - average cost to run greenhouse year round $200-$250
  • 🌳   Care instructions: Soapy Water
  • 🌳   10 Year Warranty

What is included in the Monticello Mojave Edition?

  • 🌿  Monticello Greenhouse
  • 🌿  Monticello Solar Ventilation System
  • 🌿  Monticello Commercial Folding Bench System
  • 🌿  Tinted Roof And Ventilation Panels
  • 🌿  Monticello Programmable Watering System
  • 🌿   Monticellio Greenhouse Sink System
  • 🌿   Rsi Vegi-Bee Mechanical Pollenator System

 Monticello Greenhouse


What are the pros and cons of buying a Monticello Greenhouse?




  • 🌱  Reasonably Priced for the quality of product. High value for the price.
  • 🌱  You may need more time to assemble according to your skills and amount of helpers
  • 🌱 Made In USA
  • 🌱  Not good if you are living in an area that exceeds the snow loads and wind rating
  • 🌱  Ability to add an extension and to make the greenhouse match your needs.
  • 🌱  There are other brands that carry a higher snow load and wind capacity rating.
  • 🌱  Monticello uses Polycarbonate Walls which are 200 times sturdier than Tempered-Glass.
  • 🌱  Uses 8mm Polycarbonate walls compared to other brands that are more expensive that use 10 mm.
  • 🌱   Manufacturer provides great documentation and also great customer service
  •  🌱  To level the floor, you might need a contractor which might need extra 
  • 🌱  These greenhouses can be built over a stem wall. 
  • 🌱  Very Easy to assemble. 
  • 🌱  Manufacturer provides documentation and they are avaible to answer your questions.
  • 🌱  Solar power is available in the Mojave Package. The Growers Edition also provides Light Diffusing UV Stable polycarbonate walls.


  • 🌱  Low energy and maintenance bill


What do people say about the Monticello Greenhouse? 

Debbie, Newark, New Jersey- Outstanding Greenhouse (5 stars)

This is a terrific choice of greenhouse. It replaced a smaller version by another manufacturer. It is well designed and well-manufactured. Their four hour estimate of construction time was way off! It took two men two days to fully assemble the kit, but it was worth the time and investment. We had trouble with one of the solar powered skylight openers and with an email to the company, we received a phone call immediately and the problem was resolved. Construction was not hard, simply tedious and repetitious. It is a great product.

Carl, St. Louis, MO- Perfect!

This greenhouse is exactly what I was looking for! It is extremely well built. It wasn't as easy to assemble as instructed and it took 3 days with 2 people working at it but it definitely was worth the effort and sweat! I purchased it to keep my tropical plants in during the winters here in the midwest. I did install a gas heater in it. It has done better than expected with this horrible winter that we have been having in the St. Louis area. I have started growing seedlings this month (Feb.) and can't wait to get my tropical plants back outside.

Mark, New Orleans, LA - Great Choice for a Greenhouse 

Very happy with my purchase. Assembly was easy and the greenhouse is very sturdy. I was nervous about snow load but after assembling the greenhouse I am no longer nervous.

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