Monticello Review: Why You Should Invest in a Monticello Greenhouse Kit

Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse 8x20

Here at Mulberry Greenhouses, we love to review our favorite greenhouse and kits products from various manufacturers. After you loved our Solexx and Riga reviews, we’re back with a much-anticipated greenhouse kit review: The Monticello Greenhouse kits.

Monticello has been one of the best manufacturers of greenhouses and greenhouse accessories for many years. Although many people find Monticello’s products slightly more expensive, they also know that the quality and aesthetics are worth every cent!

Let’s delve deeper to uncover the features of Monticello greenhouse kits

Diverse Price and Design Range

Monticello greenhouse kits come in various price and design ranges. They cater to the needs of residential as well as commercial greenhouse owners. And the best part is, at Mulberry Greenhouses, you can buy Monticello greenhouse kits with a 10-year warranty. Let’s learn more about the benefits, qualities, and types of Monticello greenhouse kits.

Material and Size Overview

Monticello is known for its expansive range of greenhouse designs and sizes. While greenhouse enthusiasts know that bigger is the better, but it doesn’t apply to beginners. Monticello is a great option if you’re just kick-starting your gardening journey or looking for a hobby greenhouse kit.

Due to their sturdiness and strength, Monticello greenhouses can withstand extreme weather conditions. Hence, there’s no need to worry whether you live in Texas or the DC; investing in a Monticello greenhouse kit won’t disappoint you.

The company offers small greenhouse kits of 8x8 that go all the way up to 8x24!

Monticello Greenhouse Kits: Yay or Nay?

Many gardening and greenhouse enthusiasts argue whether or not building a greenhouse is better than buying a greenhouse kit. Well, we support the latter. Although building something so precious can be a highly rewarding decision, many challenges can be attached to the task.

Building a greenhouse takes a lot of work, effort, money, and time to get the material right to ensure all the nitty-gritty fixtures and fittings. Especially when you have so many great Monticello greenhouse kits available at Mulberry Greenhouses, why go through the hassle?

Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse 8x24 - Growers Edition

Made with sturdiest material to combat chilly winds and strong storms, Monticello’s twin wall polycarbonate greenhouse walls will keep your plants safe from heat and frost. You may find the prices for Monticello greenhouse kits a bit overshooting, but if you dig deeper into their benefits, you won’t be disappointed.

The Upsides of Investing in a Monticello Greenhouse Kit

Monticello Greenhouse Kits are easy to assemble, prep up and are designed to make your greenhouse journey smooth and hassle-free. If you have the base prepped in your yard or garden, you’ll take hardly one or two days to assemble a Monticello greenhouse kit.

Ensure that your foundation is sturdy. You can get this done professionally as well. It’s a one-time investment that will keep your Monticello greenhouse performing well for many years.

Monticello greenhouse kits are available in the following sizes and packages:

  • Monticello Standard Greenhouse package features a black patio greenhouse with a good-quality structure and aesthetic appeal
  • Monticello Premium Edition Greenhouse is a more expensive option that offers an extended growth period, temperature resistance, and an expansion option
  • Monticello Growers Edition Greenhouse is a perfect option for gardening venture owners

Monticello greenhouse are equipped with the latest-technology watering and misting system. You can buy greenhouse accessories for your greenhouse, such as shade cloth, composter, roof vents, etc. If you have any more queries about the Monticello range, reach out to Mulberry Greenhouses today.

Start your greenhouse journey with Mulberry Greenhouses today! We’re the best greenhouse distributor in the US and stock high-end greenhouses and greenhouse kits for sale. Check out our Monticello range now.

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