Picking the Right Small Greenhouse: Cross Country Parkside or Janco Palmetto Greenhouse?

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Hobby greenhouses are impeccable for new gardeners or experienced growers who want to extend their yard’s beauty, versatility, and spaciousness. They’re smaller, easy to assemble, and excellent for exploring exotic gardening techniques.

However, many gardeners struggle when it comes to choosing a classic hobby greenhouse that’s not only beautiful but also energy efficient. This blog explores two highly popular hobby greenhouse options: Cross Country Parkside and Janco Palmetto. So, continue reading to find out which is perfect for your gardening needs.

Cross Country Parkside Greenhouse

Available in 8x10ft and 8x12ft size options, the Cross Country Parkside greenhouse is one of the best cape cod conservatory manufactured by BC Greenhouses. It’s an ideal option for smaller spaces and offers an instant uplift to boring yards and gardens.

A traditional greenhouse by Cross Country

Here are the key specs of Cross Country Parkside greenhouse buyers should know about:

  • Both 8x10ft and 8x12ft Parkside greenhouses feature 5ft height measured from the outside dimensions
  • This hobby greenhouse is comparatively sturdier and more durable than other products due to its extra-strong aluminum
  • Each piece of this greenhouse kit is customized and pre-cut with a standard black enamel finish
  • Parkside hobby greenhouses feature a built-in fresh air screen for maximum thermal performance

What Do We Love About Parkside Greenhouse the Most?

While we love each and every feature of a Cross Country Parkside greenhouse, there’s one thing that stands out. You can get your Parkside greenhouse customized in different colors and glazing options!

Yes, the manufacturer offers you complete freedom to choose from all single pane tempered safety glass and twin-wall roof with single-pane tempered safety glass wall options. You can also finish your Parkside’s frame in attractive white, green, or brown colors.

Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouse installed in a yard

Janco Palmetto Hobby Greenhouse

Made in the US, the Janco Palmetto is a renewed version of the company’s oldest greenhouse with better features and improved efficiency. The Janco Palmetto is an affordable retro-style hobby greenhouse. Following are the main features of Janco Palmetto greenhouse that buyers must consider;

  • This greenhouse is made of a sturdy aluminum structure and glass panels with a pre-fabricated and pre-drilled design
  • This hobby greenhouse has butyl sealants and a passive solar ridge vent

Compared to Cross Country greenhouses, Janco Palmetto doesn’t offer extensive customization options to buyers and is available in one color, i.e., silver. Another key difference between Cross Country Parkside and Janco Palmetto is the price. However, Janco Palmetto is an excellent choice for year-round gardening.

Key Takeaways

  • Primary Use Purpose: Cross Country is ideal for year-round gardening whereas the alternative is better for hobby/seasonal gardening
  • Size: Cross Country is customized and offers a larger footprint compared to Janco Palmetto
  • Maintenance: Cross Country’s aluminum and tempered glass formation and Janco’s polycarbonate body have different maintenance needs.  

Read this guide to assess greenhouse maintenance before picking one of the two greenhouse products: A Step-By-Step Greenhouse Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

A Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouse

Cross Country Parkside is a bit more expensive than the alternative. However, it offers several value-added benefits that buyers don’t get in Janco Palmetto. Moreover, the latter is only available in aluminum and glass option whereas Cross Country Parkside greenhouses can be customized with four different glazing options.

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