The Best Compact Greenhouses Available for Backyard Gardening

Exaco Royal Victorian greenhouse in size Vi36

You’re extremely lucky to have a backyard space for growing plants.

But what if we tell you that adding a compact greenhouse to it can improve your property’s aesthetic value and boost your garden products’ quality?

A greenhouse offers a stable, warm, and suitable environment for growing plants. It’s an excellent way of taking your gardening hobby one step further. But you must choose the right type of greenhouse to reap desired benefits. In this blog, greenhouse experts in the US have suggested three excellent compact greenhouse options for you. Let’s learn more about them:

1. Royal Victorian Vi23 and Vi36 Glass Greenhouses

Want to add a stately presence to your not-so-attractive backyard? Consider adding a Royal Victorian glass greenhouse to it. Replete with stunning features and a striking appearance, these compact glass greenhouses can be your best investment yet.

The Royal Victorian Vi23 greenhouse is the smallest variant measuring 8x10 feet. You can also opt for the Vi36, which measures 10x20 feet. Both options are excellent for tighter backyard spaces. Their thick profile frames and tightly insulated structures make them one of the most durable backyard greenhouse options.

The Vi23 glass greenhouse for sale

What’s more, Janssensallows customers to choose between polycarbonate and glass panel options according to their region’s climate and personal preferences. Shop today.

2. Cross Country Parkside Greenhouse

Parkside is BC Greenhouses’ hallmark Cross Country greenhouse. Featuring a solid, black-colored aluminum frame, decorative ridge cresting, and a sturdy structure. This compact greenhouse comes in 8x10 or 8x12 feet options.

A side-view of Cross Country Parkside greenhouse

Cross Country Parkside greenhouses offer a lifetime warranty, maintenance-free structures, and large automatic roof vents. Cross Country Parkside greenhouses are compact and available in black and white finish. You can also choose between a single-pane tempered or twin-wall roof with single-pane tempered safety glass walls.Shop today.

A Solexx lean-to greenhouse for sale

3. Solexx Lean-To Greenhouse

If your backyard doesn’t have enough room for a stand-alone/freestanding greenhouse, you can opt for the Solexx lean-to greenhouse. AKA Solexx Harvester, this greenhouse measures 8'W x 24'L x 8'H and is known for its spacious interior and easy assembly. It comes with a double-tiered bench ideal for vertical and regular gardening.

Solexx Harvester offers superior strength and support against wind and snow. Its dome-shaped roof is well-insulated, rust-free, and made of Twin-Wall Solexx™ panels. You can also upgrade this lean-to greenhouse with a 5mm panel for snowy, high-altitude areas. Shop today.

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