The Cross Country Parkside Greenhouse: A Complete Guide and Review

Hobby greenhouses have made it easier for gardeners to kick-start their greenhouse gardening journeys without major transitions. These greenhouses are all about helping gardeners create a microclimate in their private conservatories.

A hobby greenhouse also enables you to grow seasonal and off-seasonal vegetables and fruits without worrying about the weather conditions. However, choosing the right type of hobby greenhouse is imperative to ensure a smooth transition from open-ground to greenhouse gardening.

Thanks to Mulberry Greenhouses, you can get your hands on reasonably priced branded greenhouses by Solexx, Riga greenhouse for sale, Exaco greenhouse for sale, etc. Among many greenhouse brands, now you can purchase stunning and high-performance Cross Country greenhouses too! We’ve started selling Cross Country Legacy and Parkside greenhouses online, and this blog sheds light on the latter.

The Ultimate Free-Standing Hobby Greenhouse

Cross Country Parkside greenhouses are impeccable and truly unmatchable in terms of price, performance, and durability. It’s suitable for newbie greenhouse gardeners who don’t know anything about greenhouse gardening. The Cross Country Parkside is your ultimate glass greenhouse with high impact resistance and efficient polycarbonate roofs.

A side-view of Cross Country Parkside greenhouse

The size of this greenhouse is around 8x10 ft., and you can currently buy it on sale through our website. You can install this greenhouse at high altitudes or on uneven grounds by creating a balanced foundation. Cross Country Parkside greenhouses are known for their ability to combat harsh weather conditions, just as good as their luxury and expensive counterparts.


Coming toward the specs of Cross Country Parkside greenhouses, we’d like to emphasize the factors that make this small hobby greenhouse a strong pick for new gardeners:

  • You can choose between single tempered glass or polycarbonate roofing
  • This greenhouse kit comes with a base decorative panel adding additional charm to the installation
  • A black-painted aluminum framework that required no maintenance or touch-ups
  • Automatic solar and roof vent openers enable gardeners to optimize the temperature inside the greenhouse

More Reasons to Buy a Cross Country Parkside Greenhouse

Made in North America, Cross Country Parkside greenhouses fulfill the criteria of strong greenhouse brands and are best suited for this region’s climate. Their construction is approximately 30-50% heavier than similar greenhouses, with an ability to carry a wind load of 85 miles per hour and a snow load of 32lbs per sq. ft.

And the best part is that you can upgrade your Parkside greenhouse’s wind and snow loads to 140 mph and 100 per sq. ft., respectively.

Head over to this blog if you want to learn more about the Cross Country Legacy Greenhouse.

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