The Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI23, VI34, VI36, and VI46 Greenhouses, Are They Worth The Hype?

Made in Belgium with high-grade materials and technologically advanced features, the Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian greenhouses offer an all-in-one solution to gardeners. Laced with high-end tools and a sturdy framework, these greenhouses are the best in both beauty and performance.

Exaco has been popular for its exemplary greenhouse products. Home and commercial gardeners have relied on its greenhouse products for many years. Mulberry Greenhouses makes it easier for you to order Exaco Royal Victorian greenhouse online. This series caters to all kinds of gardeners and their production needs.

You can buy the Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian greenhouse in different sizes and models, such as the Vi23, Vi34, Vi36, and Vi46. However, you may ask whether or not these models are worth the hype? In this blog, our experts at Mulberry Greenhouses have uncovered all the truths behind the Exaco Jansenns Royal Victorian greenhouses in detail. Let’s get started!

Royal Victorian VI23 Greenhouse

The Vi23 model is the smallest greenhouse size available in the Exaco Royal Victorian greenhouse series. Measuring 8x10 ft., this greenhouse makes a perfect hobby greenhouse allowing home gardeners to take their experience to the next level.

The Vi23 glass greenhouse for sale

The Vi23 Royal Victorian greenhouse is easy to install, maintain, and improve. You can invest in greenhouse accessories that can improve the overall performance of your Vi23. We suggest you opt for an automatic heating, cooling, and watering system and a couple of grow lights and garden beds to optimize production, temperature control, and space inside your Vi23.

Royal Victorian Vi34 Greenhouse

This 10x15 ft. Royal Victorian greenhouse comes with an option of glass and polycarbonate walls. Glass offers aesthetic appeal and functionality whereas the latter is best for optimizing growing conditions in harsh weather regions.

This class Royal Victorian greenhouse features quality features like insulation, rubber seals, louver window, and three roof windows. Two of them can be automatically operated without electrical energy. Shop now.

Exaco greenhouse in the model Vi34

Royal Victorian VI36 Greenhouse

Trust us when we say that the Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian greenhouse can end all of your winter-related gardening problems. The Vi36 model measures 10x20 ft. and is perfect for gardeners who want to upscale their produce quantity. This Victorian greenhouse can also be a suitable pick for commercial growers.

Exaco Royal Victorian greenhouse in size Vi36

The Vi36 Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian greenhouse comes in two long boxes and comprises aluminum frameworks and tempered glass walls.

In addition to theExaco Victorian greenhouse options mentioned above, you can also choose from the Vi34 and Vi46 models. These greenhouses are also made with sturdy aluminum frames, tempered glass, and polycarbonate roofs.

But what else makes these greenhouses a super-hit product among the buyers?

  • The Exaco Royal Victorian greenhouses have narrow spacing between panels, making them look highly traditional.
  • These greenhouses come with decorative side panels and a set of double-hinged doors.
  • You don’t have to worry about irrigation as these greenhouses have comparatively large sprouts, gutters, and a misting system.

Royal Victorian VI46 Greenhouse

If you’re looking for an aesthetic but a large greenhouse, the Royal Victorian Vi46 is the answer. This greenhouse features a spacious interior spanning over 13x20 ft. dimensions. With 4mm tempered glass panels and modern TUV and GS testing, this greenhouse provides excellent results and satisfaction to our customers.

The Vi46 greenhouse offers you enough space to grow various types of plants in different sections. You can easily over-winterize plants, start seedlings, or create a succulent jungle in one of these beauties. Shop today!

The Exaco Janssens Victorian glass greenhouse

The Royal Victorian Greenhouses—A Perfect Additional Living Space!

Yes, you can use one of the Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian greenhouses as an additional living space in your outdoor yard. While these greenhouses are made water and air-tight for proper plant growth, you may need extra insulation if you’re installing one for décor purposes.

You may also need to protect your furnishings because the single glass panels can lead to condensation. Lucky for you, Mulberry Greenhouses is an authorized Exaco greenhouses distributor and can help you get customized additions like sealing, climate control, and heating greenhouse accessories.

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