What Are the Best MONT Greenhouses for Winter Season

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Designed and manufactured in the US, the MONT greenhouses brand surely tops the list when it comes to choosing a winter greenhouse. Winters are undeniably the toughest season for gardeners. From frost and pests to inadequate heating, several issues line up to damage your plants and their growing output.

That’s why greenhouse gardeners must stay proactive about chossing a sturdy MONT greenhouse with the correct MONT accessories in winter. Mulberry Greenhouses is a leading branded greenhouse distributor in the US. We have several greenhouse products available online, ranging from MOHeat greenhouse and Solexx conservatory to Vi36 and Vi46 greenhouses.

In this blog, our team has highlighted the top 3 MONT greenhouses that have proven their weather impact resistance over the years.

1. MONT Mojave Greenhouse

The MONT Mojave greenhouses are highly durable due to their UV-stable frost-preventing twin-wall polycarbonate panels. This greenhouse is excellent at tackling winter greenhouse issues that  can occur without warning and quickly escalate into an unmanageable nuisance. Moreover, it comes with an integrated flush-base design and heavy extruded aluminum construction that don’t let cold temperatures temperatures obstruct the photosynthesis process required for timely plant growth.

MONT Mojave greenhouse

The MONT Mojave greenhouse can withstand a snow load of 24 lbs. and a wind load of 65 mph. It has a comparatively lower cost of operations rounding to not more than $200 to $250.

You can also choose a a greenhouse heater by MONT to improve your greenhouse’s efficiency. MONT has not disappointed its customers by creating a cutting-edge greenhouse heating and cooling system with hybrid operations. The RSI-EC14K heating system comes with two heat settings, a built-in thermostat, and a mountable configuration option. It generated energy up to 5000 watts depending on the desired settings.

The MONT heater for greenhouses is better than other alternatives due to its copper-brazed wires, and steel tabular sheathing that lower energy consumption and minimize wastage.

You can also opt for the MONT Moheat greenhouse as it is an upgraded version of the MONT Mojave greenhouse. It comes with a factory-installed, effective, and winter-combatting propane heater for heat regulation. And that’s not all, the MONT Moheat greenhouse also features a solar ventilation system, tinted roofs, an RSI-Vegibee mechanical pollinator, and a MONT-patented sink system.

MONT Moheat greenhouse in USA

We recommend you invest in a new greenhouse thermostat by choosing the RSI Thermostat by MONT. This thermostat is easy to use, can be connected to any ventilation and heating system, and offers high accuracy with 1 or 2-degree variation.

2. The MONT Premium

Looking for a sturdier, commercial-grade, and grander greenhouse this winter season? The MONT Premium can be your perfect answer. The MONT premium greenhouse comes with good old American innovation and is made with pure extruded aluminum. These greenhouses are guaranteed against any use of lead in their frames and contain 40 lbs more aluminum content than other greenhouses of the same quality and price point.

The MONT premium greenhouse package offers commercial gardening benches, a built-in rainwater gutter system, and a programmable watering system. The latter is recognized as the best and the only greenhouse sink available in the US industry.

MONT Premium greenhouse

3. MONT Growers Edition

Available in different sizes, the MONT Growers edition is designed for farmers and gardeners who want to grown sensitive and delicate plants. This greenhouses improves lighting for plants and also prevents pests and diseases. Featuring an 8mm thick polycarbonate wall, a commercial heater with 17,000 BTU, and a programmable irrigation system, the MONT Growers edition is definitely a suitable pick for winter gardening.

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