What Is the Difference Between a Mont Mojave Greenhouse and Growers Edition?

MONT Mojave greenhouse

If you’re looking for a sturdy, high-quality, and extremely versatile greenhouse, we strongly recommend you consider buying a MONT greenhouse. The manufacturer is unprecedented in terms of product quality and efficiency.

MONT greenhouses are a top choice for home gardeners and commercial growers. The company makes greenhouses in various shapes, sizes, and styles to cater to different customer needs. You can install a MONT greenhouse in your backyard or turn it into a produce growing unit for your small business.

Seed trays installed inside a MONT greenhouse

What we love about MONT greenhouses is their product range. It encompasses unique and high-performance varieties. And in this blog, we have differentiated the features and specificities of the MONT Mojave and MONT Growers editions. Let’s start, shall we?

MONT Growers Edition

If you’re a home gardener not yet ready to step up to large-scale gardening or are transitioning from open-air to greenhouse gardening, this product is for you. Available online at Mulberry Greenhouses, the MONT Growers series comes with various benefits and operational features.

This greenhouse features a folding bench, roof vents, automatic louver openers, and an efficient rainwater irrigation system. What’s more, you can easily upgrade a Mojave Growers greenhouse with a commercial-grade heating system.

MONT Growers edition greenhouse for sale

Here are some more unique features of the MONT Growers series:

  • It features more durable and privacy-enhancing light diffusing panels instead of regular polycarbonate sidewalls
  • Insides are not visible unless you’re at least three or fewer inches away from the walls
  • You can choose a solar ventilation system to replace the standard electrical vent system for improved energy savings
  • You can accommodate over ten mature plants and quite a few garden beds and seed trays in this 8x16 ft. greenhouse

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MONT Mojave Edition

More suitable for warmer weather and stronger than other greenhouses by Riverstone Industries, the MONT Mojave edition is perfect for growing plants in a rough climate. It features tinted roofs and automatic louvers that eliminate the need for shade cloths and other light diffusing greenhouse accessories.

MONT greenhouse door kit available at Mulberry Greenhouses

MONT Mojave greenhouses come in various sizes, including 8x12, 8x16, 8x20, and 8x24 ft.

MONT Mojave greenhouse’s key features are:

  • Comes with solar panel ventilation system reducing electricity consumption
  • Features an integrated flush base design for easy installation
  • Can withstand 24 lbs./sq. ft. snow load and 65 mph wind load

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The main and ultimate difference between MONT Growers and the Mojave series is that Growers are suitable for growing plants that require lots of light, whereas the latter reduces light diffusion. In short, Mojave is better at protecting plants in a hot and humid climate. And Growers is ideal for moderate to colder regions.

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