Why Are the Cross Country Greenhouses Your Best Option for a Customizable Heavy-Duty Harsh Weather Greenhouse

A customized Cross Country Greenhouse

Cross Country hobby greenhouses are touted as the best small yet versatile greenhouses in the market. These greenhouses have gained dramatic popularity due to their high-end features.

A Cross Country greenhouse offers quality and performance akin to some of the best and most expensive greenhouses available in the market. And that’s not it. Cross Country greenhouse manufacturer allows you to get a conservatory customized according to your garden’s size, region’s climate, and plant requirements.

In this blog, you will learn how and why customizable Cross Country greenhouses are ideal for harsh-weather gardening.

Optimizable Costs

Greenhouse buyers are always concerned about the costs associated with buying, maintaining, and improving a greenhouse. Many of them are unable to choose their favorite greenhouses and greenhouse accessories due to high prices. BCG Greenhouses, a leading greenhouse brand, tapped this customer need and launched a customized greenhouse range at reasonable prices.

A double-glass Cross Country greenhouse in fall

Cross Country greenhouses are perfect for harsh weather due to their customizability and efficiency. They are priced relatively better than their counterparts, with equally good features. Gardeners can further optimize their budgets by customizing a greenhouse with the exact features required for winter gardening.

Changeable Dimensions and Scope

Not everyone has the liberty to install a greenhouse in their perfectly sized and landscaped yard or garden. If you don’t have adequate or suitable greenhouse installation space, Cross Country greenhouse manufacturers can help. They can virtually personalize your greenhouse with any width, length, dimension, slope, and scope.

This allows you to increase your greenhouse’s ability to withstand snow load, external temperature impact, and frost impact. You can even get a greenhouse built underground for maximum plant protection and protection against extreme winters.

A tailored underground greenhouse

Versatile Glazing Options

Cross Country greenhouses are customizable for almost everyone. They’re the ultimate solution to your altitude gardening, winter farming, and succulent growth requirements. Customers can talk to their greenhouse sellers about different glazing options. For example, Mulberry Greenhouses is an authorized Cross Country greenhouse distributor.

Moreover, Cross Country greenhouses can be customized in the following ways:

  • Upgrades to withstand snow load and wind load of 100 PSF for snow and 140 mph, respectively.
  • Additional exhausts, vents for fireplaces, and wood stoves.
  • An additional truss for greenhouses that are 14 feet or higher, compared to Janssens which only installs spandrels for sturdiness.
  • Bayliss vent openers and an option to upgrade orchid wax cylinders in windy and hot climates.
  • Complete liberty to customize a greenhouse according to any state’s permits and requirements, including stringent ones like California.
  • Accommodate door kits for wheelchair accessibility, kick panels, and panic bars.
  • Lifetime warranty on all customized and original design greenhouses.

We cater to all kinds of customization options and can modify your conservatory with Low-E, tinted, double-coated, glass, or polycarbonate materials. Branded competitors like Janssens only offer 4mm single glass without heavy-duty capping and weather stripping. You can also modify each greenhouse with roof vents and optional double-wide side vents.

All in all, a Cross Country greenhouse is the best option for gardeners looking for affordable yet high-end greenhouses for winter.

A traditional greenhouse by Cross Country

Cape Cod 12x16 Greenhouse and the Hurricane Harvey

The recent Hurricane Harvey was a disastrous weather event that affected even the sturdiest structures. An esteemed Cross Country greenhouse customer reported that her Cape Cod greenhouse withstood 8ft high flood waters without harming her family or belongings.

Thankfully, she and her loved ones are safe and sound.

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