Why Choose Solexx Greenhouses for Your Winter Gardening?

A small, polycarbonate Solexx greenhouse with cute plants

Polycarbonate is a very suitable greenhouse material for wintertime gardening. Solexx is one of the most popular US-based polycarbonate greenhouse manufacturers. Their wide range of polycarbonate greenhouses has been a top choice for gardening lovers nationwide.

But is a Solexx greenhouse perfect for growing plants in cold weather? Absolutely.

Solexx greenhouses are replete with high-quality features. They can withstand almost all weather conditions and offer hassle-free configuration and maintenance benefits. Continue reading this blog to learn why Solexx greenhouses are ideal for wintertime gardening.

Quality Covering Material

The material and durability of Solexx greenhouse covering have significantly contributed to the brand’s popularity and acceptance in the US greenhouse gardening community. Solexx greenhouses feature high-density polyethylene covering. It’s extruded with corrugated cardboard material that offers plastic-like sturdiness and durability.

You also don’t have to worry about adding insulation during winter due to their high weather resistance.

A Solexx greenhouse in daylight

Seamless Light Diffusion

Many greenhouse gardeners think blurred polycarbonate greenhouses by companies like Solexx and MONT can darken greenhouse interiors and halt plant growth. The reality is quite the opposite. Solexx greenhouses have one of the best light diffusion capabilities among various polycarbonate greenhouses available in the US.

A Solexx greenhouse interior

These greenhouses allow adequate light exposure and eliminate dark or hotspots to prevent overcooling and overheating problems. A standard Solexx greenhouse transmits 60 to 65% light compared to the average requirement of 40%. It offers a pleasant and soft glow with sufficient warmth for your plants.

UV Additive for Breaking and Blocking Harmful Sun Radiations

Solexx greenhouses also come with an additional UV-blocking feature offering a 10-year extensive warranty.

All kinds of plastics, including polycarbonate will eventually break down due to continued sunlight exposure. But you can expect a Solexx greenhouse to stay strong for as long as 20 years. Gardeners in hotter climates can opt for shade cloths and strategic placement strategies to elongate their polycarbonate greenhouse’s useful life and minimize UV contact. Solexx covering also tends to last twice as long as polyethylene film without tears.

Solexx greenhouse base vents

Superior Energy Conservation

Energy wastage is a top concern for gardeners who want to grow plants during cold days. They either don’t have an efficient greenhouse or are unable to optimize their energy usage. Solexx greenhouses mitigate this issue by offering 35% better heat conservation and can withstand harsh snow events and storms.  

What’s more, you can buy Solexx covering for your greenhouse to make it more consistent, safer, and energy efficient.

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