Why Is The Riga XL Series Greenhouses Your Best Greenhouse Choice For Winter?

A Riga XL greenhouse at dawn

Do you know that Riga tops the list of the sturdiest and most durable greenhouses in the world? The company manufactures a vast range of polycarbonate greenhouses extremely suitable for gardening in harsh weather. Greenhouse enthusiasts looking for a greenhouse that can withstand winter impact should consider Riga’s products.

The best part about the Riga series is that it’s available in various sizes. From small to XL, you can find any size that perfectly fits your gardening needs during the winter. In this blog, we talk about why Riga XL greenhouses are the answer to your winter gardening needs.

So let’s get into the details right away!

Reason 1: The Onion-Shaped Dome

Many customers come to us asking about Riga greenhouses’ unique, onion-shaped dome. It’s the most notable physical aspect of these stunning greenhouses. The onion-shaped dome allows Riga greenhouses to withstand and throw off snow loads during cold days.

A beautiful path leading to a Riga greenhouse

It prevents snow accumulation on the greenhouse roof and minimizes snow damage risks.

Reason 2: Thick Poly Walls

Riga XL greenhouses feature super-think polycarbonate walls with the highest R-factor among all the other hobby greenhouses available in the US market. Thicker and well-insulated walls make heating an easy-peasy task while keeping energy costs minimal.

You can improve your Riga XL greenhouse’s efficiency using greenhouse accessories like shade cloth and grow lights for speedier plant growth and better insulation against the cold winds.

Sturdy Riga greenhouses

Reason 3: Triple Wall Polycarbonate Covering

Riga XL greenhouses don’t fail to impress avid gardeners by offering industry-leading features such as a thick wall covering. Most greenhouses come with 4mm or 6mm poly covers, whereas Riga XL offers the highest efficiency coefficient and a durable 16mm cover.

Solid and long-lasting greenhouse covering makes temperature control easier and less effort-consuming, keeping your plants fresh and pest-free in winters and summers.

More Reasons to Buy Riga XL Greenhouse for Winter Gardening

Manufactured in Germany, Riga greenhouses are nothing but perfection. These products are simply the strongest contender in the polycarbonate greenhouse market. The company has been manufacturing commercial, hobby, sunroom, and pavilion greenhouses for over 28 years. Over the period, they’ve perfected a sweet mix of greenhouse features that gardeners look for in a winter greenhouse.

A Riga greenhouse with raised garden beds

A few more substantial reasons for investing in a Riga XL greenhouse include:

  • The greenhouse has durable, automatic door and window kits to allow gardeners to maintain adequate heat inside the conservatory.
  • Permanent frame profiles don’t lose their grit over time and keep the greenhouse well-heated during winters.
  • You can choose a Riga XL greenhouse for a private or an upscaled landscape.
  • The Riga XL greenhouses come in five different sub-sizes.

Premium Riga Greenhouses for Sale

Head to Mulberry Greenhouses’ online store to order your favorite Riga greenhouse for sale this winter season. Check out our vast range of greenhouse accessories and small greenhouse kits today, or call us now for more details.

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