Why Should You Choose Cross Country Greenhouses to Grow Fruits and Vegetables?

A traditional greenhouse by Cross Country

Many gardening lovers often lack the resources to successfully grow different fruits and vegetables at home. In our expert opinion, your first step to starting a home garden should be to pick the right type of greenhouse.

Cross Country Greenhouses are one of the most amazing and popular hobby greenhouses available in the market. They’re considered very suitable for growing food crops in all types of weather conditions. Made and assembled in Canada, Cross Country greenhouses are known for their stability, easy maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal.

Continue reading to find out why a Cross Country greenhouse is a good choice to grow fruits and veggies.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Greenhouse buyers shouldn’t miss out on assessing their desired greenhouse’s structural robustness. Whether you want to grow ornamentals or fruits, your greenhouse should be sturdy and withstand tough weather conditions.

A Cross Country greenhouse offers heavy-duty material composition and is 30 to 50% heavier than alternative greenhouses. Their average snow and wind loads are around 32 Lbs per sqft and 85MPH, respectively. However, the manufacturer allows greenhouse buyers to customize and upgrade their product’s snow and wind load to as much as 100 PSF and 140MPH.

Fresh vegetables and fruits


Cross Country greenhouses are spacious. They offer ample room for multivariate production. You can group your vegetable and fruit plants across the space. Use labels and grouping techniques for more effective crop management. Cross Country greenhouses also feature excess height that allows gardeners to implement vertical planting techniques for space optimization.

A woman checking peaches inside her greenhouse

Several Options to Choose From

The best part about Cross Country greenhouses is their extensive range of products. Home gardeners who’re interested in growing food in their conservatory can choose from Cross Country’s home-attached, Cape Cod, Sun Haven, Cottage, and Parkside greenhouses. All of these greenhouses have a unique aesthetic appeal and a modular design.

The latter helps greenhouse growers improve and extend their greenhouses if required. What’s more, you can customize your Cross Country greenhouse with a color of your choice, glass or polycarbonate walls, and additional greenhouse accessories.

Multiple Glazing Options

Greenhouse fruits and veggie growers often worry about light diffusion, heat conservation, and other key gardening factors. That’s when a Cross Country greenhouse can be a perfect choice. You can customize your product according to your region’s climate. The company allows gardeners to choose between single and double glass, twin-wall polycarbonate walls, and five-wall polycarbonate.

A customized Cross Country Greenhouse

It also offers upgraded sheeting and glazing options that include 6mm full sheet and full laminated glass panels and a special Low-E glazing option. Click here to learn more about each option’s R-value, light transmission, and UV-blocking capabilities.

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