Why Should You Get The EOS Exaco Janssens T-Shaped Greenhouse This Winter?

A EOS T-shaped greenhouse

Greenhouses are an ideal option for people with a green thumb.

They allow gardening enthusiasts to grow their own fresh produce or create a private sanctuary with fragrant flowers. However, many beginner greenhouse gardeners often struggle when choosing a new greenhouse, especially during winter.

If you're looking for a beautiful and extremely functional greenhouse that’s not only beautiful but also perfect for wintertime gardening, the ExacoJanssens EOS Royal Antique Victorian greenhouse is a perfect choice. It's known for its appealing structure and spaciousness. So let’s dig deeper and learn why and how this greenhouse can be an ideal addition to your garden this year.

Two Foundation Options

Foundation is probably the most critical part of installing a new greenhouse. The ExacoJanssens EOS Royal Antique Victorian greenhouse eradicates this issue by offering two different foundation options. This allows greenhouse gardeners to easily install the T-shaped greenhouse and choose between the two foundation variants according to the available installation space.

Regular Foundation

The EOS T-shaped greenhouse can be installed with its regular white or black structure. It is purpose-designed to be built directly on a concrete pad or an even surface.

Stem-Wall Foundation

You can also install the EOS T-shaped greenhouse by Exaco on a custom-built stem wall. You will, however, have to choose the greenhouse variant with shorter sidewalls and drop door kits to accommodate it onto the wall.

A T-shaped greenhouse in white color

Winter-Specific Features

Although you can use your T-shaped greenhouse in any climate, it’s specifically suitable for winter due to its unique design, sturdy structure, and noteworthy snow and wind load.

The EOS T-shaped greenhouse by Exaco can withstand 115mph wind gusts, a snow load of 28.5 PSF (ground level), and 20 PSF on the roof. You can buy certified EOS T-shaped greenhouse via Mulberry Greenhouses to ensure first-class authenticity and greenhouse kit quality.

This greenhouse features a distinctive shape and a steep 38° roof slope to prevent snow accumulation. It comes with thick, sturdy aluminum frames with rubber seals, 4mm glass panels, and window sealants for maximum heat loss prevention.

The EOS T-Shaped Greenhouse is Ideal for Creating an Additional Living Space

Yes, customers have used the Exaco T-shaped Victorian greenhouse as an additional living area, but with customized adjustments. Its glass body and unique, vintage-vibe structure can make an exotic private living area. However, you may need an extra sealant to ensure the greenhouse’s water-tightness. This greenhouse features automatic roof vents, so there’s a chance of rain seeping through or condensation.

You’ll need to protect your furniture and interior electrical appliances accordingly. For better results, we recommend you invest in quality sealant, glass tint, and climate control greenhouse accessories to make your living area more comfortable and safer.

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