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Hoklartherm Riga Greenhouses


If you’re looking for a sturdy and functional greenhouse for your backyard, our Riga Greenhouse collection is just what you need. Made with durable two-wall thick polycarbonate covering, these Riga Greenhouses are built to endure the toughest weather conditions, provide your plants a relief from the harsh cold, and last you a lifetime!

Our Collection of Riga Greenhouses features Small (Riga 2s, Riga 3s, Riga 4s), Medium (Riga 2, Riga 3, Riga 4, Riga 5) and Large Greenhouses (Riga XL 5, Riga XL 6,Riga XL 7,Riga XL 8,Riga XL 9). Moreover, you can find Riga accessories to set up the perfect greenhouse for your growing plants. Find exhaust fans, shelves, seed trays, Riga foundation frames, Riga and Janssen Roof Window Wind Restraint Kit, automatic window openers, and door extension kits for Riga Greenhouses.

Trust our Mulberry Greenhouses to provide you with authentic German-engineered Riga Greenhouses that will help you grow your plants even in the most unfavorable weather conditions!

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