Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kits You Must Invest in

Riverstone polycarbonate greenhouse

In the past, greenhouses were typically made of only one type of material: glass. In the English and Victorian eras, glass was considered the best greenhouse material due to its heat and light transfer properties.

However, soon gardeners realized that more greenhouse material options were required to increase UV protection and heat efficiency for lower energy bills. This was when scientists started brainstorming better, more efficient greenhouse materials ideas.

No, it doesn’t mean the glass isn’t a good greenhouse option. Today, some of the best greenhouses by Janssen are made of high-quality, multi-layered glass. But in recent years, polycarbonate has become more popular.

In this blog, we have listed the three best polycarbonate greenhouse brands to help you make a well-informed buying decision.

What is Polycarbonate?

Before you decide to buy a polycarbonate greenhouse, it’s important to learn about its properties.

Polycarbonate is a material made of polymer units. These are joined using carbonate links through molding films. Its transparent and impact-resistant properties make them a perfect option for creating durable greenhouse products. Polycarbonate is a good alternative to plastic and glass as it offers improved UV protection.

ExacoJanssens Polycarbonate Greenhouses

The polycarbonate greenhouses by Janssens are nothing but perfection. Their sturdy structure and high-quality glazing prevents major greenhouse issues such as discoloration and rust.

Exaco janssens greenhouse for sale offer X-strong and 10mm triple layer polycarbonate window kits to help buyers enjoy the increased functionality and benefits. What’s more, Janssens polycarbonate products are laced with advanced technology that can bear the wind load of as much as 125 mph.

Riga Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Considered one of the best polycarbonate greenhouses available in the market, the Riga range offers an impeccable array of advanced features. Other than the popular and high-performing Poly-gal or GE glazing, Riga polycarbonate greenhouses come with a 16mm triple poly walls.

Riga greenhouse

This combination results in a foolproof structure that allows greenhouse gardeners to reap a Riga greenhouse’s benefits for several years. Riga has always been known for its beautiful greenhouses that are available in various sizes. The 2s, 3s4, and 5 Riga greenhouses are made of high-grade polycarbonate with premium level UV protection. This polycarbonate greenhouse has an onion-like shape, which looks like a true descendent of a European-era greenhouse.

Riga greenhouses also have excellent wind and snow load bearing capacities and offer several other benefits like:

  • They’re ideal for season extension due to a powerful wind-resistant shape
  • Less to no insulation is required
  • Made in Germany, Riga greenhouses feature structures as sturdy as Volkswagen/Volvo vehicles

Riverstone MONT Polycarbonate Greenhouses

The Riverstone MONT Greenhouse  - Growers Edition feature the best quality polycarbonate material in the greenhouse industry. With an integrated base for a secure foundation and superior insulating properties, this greenhouse offers ideal greenhouse growing conditions. 

Formerly known as Monticello, polycarbonate greenhouses have superior impact UV stable 8mm twin polycarbonate walls.  

Here are some of the key reasons to buy this polycarbonate greenhouse available at Mulberry Greenhouses:

  • Twin walls with light diffusion assistance
  • This greenhouse is perfect for growing light, requiring plants and crops
  • You can install the Genesis LED grow light in the Riverstone MONT for improved plant growth
  • This greenhouse features lead-free electrostatically painted frames
  • MONT greenhouses have an average snow load capacity of 24lbs/sq. ft. and wind load of 65 MPH
  • These greenhouses come with 10 years of extended warranty

At Mulberry Greenhouses, we stock 4ft extension units for this polycarbonate greenhouse, making it easier for you to increase growing and storage space without spending a lot

Learn more about it or order your kit right away!

Some of the other, best-quality polycarbonate greenhouses include the entire Solexx range. Check out the US-made Solexx HarvesterOasisConservatory greenhouses, and Garden Master greenhouses at Mulberry Greenhouses now.

Cross Country Sun Haven Greenhouse

The Cross Country Sunhaven greenhouse is a remarkable polycarbonate greenhouse that offers an ideal environment for avid gardeners. This greenhouse, featuring a polycarbonate roof, provides exceptional durability, insulation, and light transmission. For those in search of a polycarbonate greenhouse for sale, the Cross Country Sunhaven is a top choice.

This greenhouse combines the strength and clarity of glass with the lightweight and high-impact resistance of polycarbonate. The polycarbonate roof ensures excellent light diffusion, protecting your plants from harmful UV rays while still allowing ample sunlight to penetrate.

The Cross Country Legacy 8X8 Glass Greenhouse with Polycarbonate Roof offers a spacious and well-designed structure, perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners. The sturdy aluminum frame provides stability and longevity, while the polycarbonate roof panels offer insulation, retaining heat during colder months and providing ventilation during warmer seasons.

With its modular design, the Cross Country Sunhaven greenhouse can be easily expanded or customized to fit your specific gardening needs. Whether you're growing delicate flowers, starting seedlings, or cultivating vegetables, this polycarbonate greenhouse provides a versatile and controlled environment for optimal plant growth.

Investing in a Cross Country Sunhaven greenhouse ensures a high-quality and long-lasting structure that will enhance your gardening experience. Explore our range of Cross Country greenhouses, including the Legacy 8X8 Glass Greenhouse, and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient greenhouse solution.

Mulberry Greenhouses for the Win!

We offer branded greenhouse kitsaccessories, and other gardening tools and products to help gardeners improve their product’s quality and quantity. If you’re looking for extremely durable glass greenhouses or polycarbonate greenhouses in the US, don’t miss out on our sale!

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