Glass VS Polycarbonate

Glass vs Polycarbonate, which one to choose?

Glass Vs Polycarbonate, which one to choose?

The Victorian Greenhouse line comes in 4mm tempered glass and also polycarbonate. However, the RIGA, the Riverstone Monticello greenhouses are only available in Polycarbonate glazing. Each choice has a unique set of advantages allowing you to pick the option which will work best for your needs.

👍🏼 Advantages of Tempered Glass Panels

  • 🌳 Esthetics matter! Full transparency is a superior "look" for certain applications, particularly if using the greenhouse for non plant-developing purposes. Some people use these greenhouses as spas, art studios, Yoga centers, and keeping that clean look is important.
  • 🌳 However, those who are using the greenhouse for growing plants, you can take advantage fully of the maximum amount of natural light. 
  • 🌳 Quality matters! The glass won't fade or get discolored over lifespan.
  • 🌳 Yes, it is flame resistant, and that's great for schools.
  • 🌳 No chemical used in the making of the Glass. The glass is also made with material that is environmentally friendly  Yes we care about the environment! 
  •  🌳 This type of glass which is also called safety glass is made of 4 mm glass, which is thicker than the standard glass used in this industry (3 mm).

👎🏼 Disadvantages of Glass

  • 🌳  Although it is really hard to break (this is not your regular glass, that's why it's called "safety glass"), it could break. The biggest enemy of a glass greenhouse, is your lawnmower.
  • 🌳  Doesn't retain heat like polycarbonate during cold weather.

👍🏼Advantages of Polycarbonate Panels

  • 🌳  Polycarbonate is very strudy and almost impossible to break.
  •  When hit by objects or in the event of heavy wind and snow, polycarbonate will resist and flex. This makes it hard to break!
  • 🌳 Polycarbonate is made to diffuse the light and to block any harmful UV rays. This is great for to create an environmen that is consistent for plants.
  • 🌳 Compared to glass, Polycarbonate will retain heat in a more efficient way, which is fantastic for cold weather areas.
  • 🌳 The type of material used does not require a lot of mainteance, unlike glass that will required more cleaning. 


👎🏼 Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Panels

  • 🌳 Polycarbonate is not clear, so a lot of people prefer going for the glass.
  • 🌳 It is more expensive than glass. 
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