Palram vs. Monticello Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Beginners—Which One Should You Choose?

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From material, shape, and style to additional greenhouse accessories, several factors can play a vital role in your greenhouse buying process. That’s why picking the right greenhouse for the first time is often quite challenging for newbies.

As USA’s leading greenhouse and greenhouse accessories distributor, we can help you choose the perfect greenhouse to meet your gardening needs. Read this detailed Palram vs. MONT polycarbonate greenhouse review to pick the most suitable greenhouse to kickstart your gardening journey!

So let’s get started.

A MONT polycarbonate greenhouse

MONT Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Beginners

Riverstone MONT polycarbonate greenhouse is an ideal option for starters.

Its versatility, reliability, and durable design allow new gardeners to focus on their plants without worrying about greenhouse maintenance.

Features of a MONT Polycarbonate Greenhouse

A MONT polycarbonate greenhouse is available in different sizes and configurations.

You can choose from their Premium, Grower, Mojave, and Mojave Heat options in sizes ranging from 8x8ft to 8x24ft. Here are some noteworthy features that set MONT polycarbonate greenhouse apart from Palram and other brands in the market:

  • MONT polycarbonate is made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum made with an electrostatic paint coating for maximum efficiency.
  • MONT polycarbonate greenhouses offer superior wind and snow loadallowing new gardeners to protect their plants from frost, winds, and other weather-related factors.
  • MONT greenhouses feature lockable door kits, a vent system,and an integrated, factory-installed gutter system.
Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse 8x20

Palram Greenhouses for Beginners

Palram is a well-known polycarbonate brand available in the US and is often compared to MONT in terms of features, quality, and pricing. The Palram polycarbonate series offers various greenhouse designs and sizes, but their quality remains consistent. However, critiques have reported that Palrampolycarbonate greenhouses aren’t the easiest to assemble.

Here are some key features of a Palram polycarbonate greenhouse;

  • Sturdy aluminum frame with galvanized steel base, which needs to be pivoted into the ground using anchors (not available in the kits)
  • Palram greenhouses are available in a smaller 6ft size. However, it may not offer sufficient space for growing multiple plants.
  • Palram’s basic greenhouses, such as Mythos, Hybrid, and Lean-to, all have the same polycarbonate panels. Its Premium Rion series has considerable material and finishing differences, but it may be a bit expensive for beginners.

All in all, both Palram and MONT are suitable options for polycarbonate greenhouse buyers. However, the latter may offer extended weather resistance benefits, minimum electric costs, and lead-free frames.

Premium Value-Added Features

MONT greenhouse gardeners can opt for Deluxe greenhouse kits that come with work bench systems, shade cloths, automatic watering and misting system, and an additional roof vent. These value-added features are extremely helpful in streamlining gardening activities while boosting your plants’ safety and health.

MONT polycarbonate greenhouses are available in the price range of $3,000-$9,000, making it one of the most affordable yet durable polycarbonate products in the market.

A well-maintained greenhouse interior

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