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Cathedral Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse

The Janssens Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse is a beautifully designed outdoor space that is an amazing addition for your yard. The roof cupola gives it a unique an taller design. In addition to being a great style for a greenhouse, it would also make a great sunroom, hot tub cover, Yoga studio, Art gallery etc...

The Cathedral Greenhouse is measured at 15'x20'. It is a very robust building and comes in 3 colors. The glazing is tempered glass with a 4mm thickness. 

The Cathedral Greenhouse includes four roof vents with automatic openers and a louver window to help keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. Two hanging windows on the sides can also swing up for added ventilation. A set of lockable swinging doors and a single lockable sliding door make entry simple.

Additional features include four roof vents with automatic openers, and a louvre window which can be used together for enhanced temperature control. For added ventilation there are two large hanging side windows which open by swinging upward. Access is easy through a wide set of lockable swinging doors and a single lockable sliding door.

This is a premium, large size structure that can be used for multiple purposes and will add value to your home.

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