Riga, Monticello, Solexx— The Right Greenhouse for You

Sunlight shining through greenhouse walls

Greenhouses are a great investment. Whether you’re a seasonal enthusiast or a gardening lover, we suggest you put your money into buying a quality greenhouse.

Several companies manufacture some of the sturdiest and really attractive residential and commercial greenhouses.

At Mulberry Greenhouses, you can find greenhouses for sale coupled with high-quality add-ons! Let’s talk about the three most popular greenhouse manufacturers in this blog.

Choosing Between the Three Best Mulberry Greenhouses Variants

Here’s a complete rundown of features and benefits that come with Monticello, Solexx, and Riga greenhouses. This section will help you decide on the right greenhouse to satisfy your unique needs.

1.   Riga Greenhouses

HoklarthermRiga Greenhouse

Our first pick for greenhouse buyers is Riga Greenhouse. This brand is ideal for gardening enthusiasts who want to cut back on insulation costs. Riga Greenhouses are made and assembled in Germany. These are considered the BMWs of all Greenhouses! 

The Riga features heavy duty constructions and is made to last. These are great for windy aread and snow season. The frame is made of Aluminum, and the main body features an 8 mm UV coated twin-wall Poly-carbonate and the front and back walls feature 10 mm twin wall polycarbonate for extra strength.

These are the best long term investment for a hobby greenhouse and they are reasonably priced too! 

At Mulberry Greenhouses, you can find the best Riga Greenhouses for sale at amazing prices. We offer promotional offers throughout the year that help you buy your favorite greenhouse kits and accessories at affordable rates.

You can also buy greenhouse seed trays, roof window openers, and portable outdoor sinks, among many other greenhouse accessories. The Riga Greenhouse product range from Hoklartherm is also considered one of the best options for people living in cold-weather states. They’re perfect for growing veggies and fruits and off-seasonal plants during the winter months.

2.   Monticello Greenhouses

Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse

Riverstone Monticello Greenhouses is one of the best American made greenhouse brands. If you’re in the market looking for great greenhouses for the best value, then Monticello is your answer.

The biggest benefit of a Monticello greenhouse is its superior functionality. You truly receive the value for the money.  To save you even more money, some of these greenhouses include accessories in addition to amazing features. Our best seller, the Mojave Edition, includes a solar powered ventilation system, benches, and a pollinator etc.... You can easily buy these greenhouse kits and accessories at Mulberry Greenhouses.

Monticello’s aluminum is more robust than other greenhouse brands in the market. Their extensive product range is truly one of a kind. It features an automatic roof ventilation system and an efficient building gutter system.

Check out the Monticello Premium, Mojave, and Growers packages to find exactly what you’re looking for. What’s more, you’ll get a 10-year limited warranty and easy to read assembly documents.

3. Solexx Greenhouses

Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse

Light-weightiness, durability, and high efficiency are the top three benefits of Solexx greenhouses. Adapt8, Inc. is the manufacturer of Solexx Greenhouses. These functional and aesthetic greenhouses are made of a unique twin-wall material known as Solexx.

The Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse is ideal for customers looking for exceptional quality and value for money. They’re available in white,a color that quickens plant growth due to faster light diffusion.

Whether you want to kick-start your gardening hobby or add value to the existing one, buy an efficient and affordable greenhouse at Mulberry Greenhouses. You can also buy portable greenhouse, greenhouse kits, and glass greenhouse for sale, among many others.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out and buy greenhouse accessories we have on sale.

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