Riga Review: Why is Riga the Best Winter and Harsh Weather Greenhouse?

A Riga greenhouse with the front door for ventilation
While cold weather is a good time for farmers, it can be quite painful and daunting for greenhouse gardeners.

Cold wind, frost, and other weather factors make it extremely difficult to grow plants, especially seasonal fruits and vegetables. At Mulberry Greenhouses, we bring the perfect solution for you. With our vast range of riga greenhouse for sale, we enable greenhouse enthusiasts to enjoy gardening even in the cold season.

A Brief Introduction to Riga Greenhouses

The Riga greenhouses range from Hoklartherm is designed to withstand cold weather conditions and keep your plants green and healthy. It’s claimed to offer minimum heat loss due to superior insulation features. Coupled with greenhouse accessories like a composter, heater, and an Automatic Greenhouse Watering System, it offers an optimum greenhouse gardening environment. But is a Riga greenhouse the best winter greenhouse?

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Riga Greenhouse for winters: Is It the Right Choice?

Functionality, insulation, and durability: These three adjectives sum up the entire Riga greenhouse range. They're designed with double-layered polycarbonate, and offer relief to greenhouse gardeners in all kinds of seasons.

Owning a Riga greenhouse is like a dream. You can pair different sizes of Riga Greenhouses with exhaust fans, shelves, and foundation frames. Additional heaters, grow lights, and automatic window openers increase plant yield and extend the warm daylight impact.

Here are some more benefits offered by Riga greenhouses in winters:

1.   Good Ventilation

In our country, temperatures vary from state to state. In some, winters come with harsh hailstorms, while in others, we experience nothing but some frost and chilly breeze.

This can be a nightmare for greenhouse gardeners. Plants need a static and optimum temperature to grow properly. Drastic ups and downs in the environment can affect their quality and timely growth.

A Riga greenhouse at night time

This is where Riga greenhouses come in. Equipped with standard but larger windows than other greenhouses, a Riga greenhouse is amazing at compensating for the temperature changes.

Moreover, Riga greenhouses also feature an oversized window in the back wall. This allows greenhouse gardeners to allow fresh air through the front door, letting it flow across the interior.

2.   Better Pollination

Proper greenhouse plants pollination can only become possible if you ensure proper ventilation inside the greenhouse. Given the ventilation benefits of Riga greenhouses, gardeners can now stay assured that their plants will receive adequate breeze and light for pollination.

Riga greenhouses come in various shapes and sizes, featuring Riga Small to Riga XL. Their frames are permanently attached to one another and have been factory tested to withstand wind speeds as high as 100 mph.

3.   Higher Efficiency

Riga greenhouses allow greenhouse owners to maintain and improve a warm enough environment for growing plants and flowers. Unlike other greenhouses, Riga isn’t too expensive and offers high value for money in terms of efficiency.

It’s been reported that Riga greenhouses are 40% more efficient than their counterparts!

These German-engineered beauties feature UV-coated twin-wall polycarbonate glazing with premium rubber seals and silicone caulk. And hence, unlike other greenhouses that can’t maintain warmth during daytime frost, Riga greenhouses keep heating costs down.

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