Solexx Review: What You Need to Know About a Solexx Greenhouse

A Solexx greenhouse in daylight

Solexx has been a popular choice of many greenhouse enthusiasts across the US. The company has been manufacturing high-quality twin-walled greenhouses with high-density polyethylene plastic covering to help greenhouse owners make the most of their experience.

Solexx greenhouses are undeniably one of the best US-made greenhouses that ensure optimal plant and flower growth-friendly conditions even during harsh weather. Solexx greenhouses are ideal for residential patios, decks, and outdoor spaces due to their easy installation.

In this detailed blog, we have answered some top FAQs about Solexx greenhouses and highlighted their impeccable benefits. So let’s get started.

1.   What is Solexx Covering?

Did you know that Solexx greenhouses are made of premium density polyethylene covering that diffuses light softly inside the greenhouse? This covering also allows additional light exposure, improving the photosynthesis process for plant growth. What’s more, the covering is insulated well to withstand cold to warm weather conditions.

Solexx greenhouses come with a corrugated cardboard outer layer that improves overall insulation, performance, and efficiency.

2.   What’s the Slow Light Diffusion All About?

While cruising through the vast range of Solexx greenhouses for sale at Mulberry Greenhouses, you’ll notice that their covering is blurred, not crystal clear. So does that affect proper light exposure for plants inside a Solexx greenhouse?

Absolutely yes! Solexx greenhouses feature unique panels that eliminate light hotspots. This ensures proper, equally distributed, and slow light diffusion, preventing the greenhouse from getting too hot or cold. Since light diffusion is critical to aid plant growth, you need to ensure that each leaf gets sufficient light without a hitch.

A Solexx greenhouse’s interior

By investing in a Solexx greenhouse, you can transmit 60 to 65% of the light within a good growth range for your greenhouse plants. And the best part is, even when it’s cloudy and gloomy, your Solexx greenhouse will maintain a soft light glow inside.

3.   Do Solexx Greenhouse Decrease Plant Growth Rate?

Solexx greenhouses have been available in the market for over 20 years. Their durability has increased over time, and today, Solexx greenhouses offer less to no UV breakdown. Some gardeners believe that Solexx greenhouses decrease plant growth rate due to slow light diffusion. However, it’s untrue. Solexx greenhouses can improve your greenhouse gardening experience by:

  • Diffusing light in all corners, not just the canopy
  • Prevents leaf burns
  • Improved insulation reduce plant stress
  • Retain optimal energy, unlike metal greenhouses

The Unmatchable Solexx Greenhouse Benefits

Solexx greenhouses are best for gardening, even for beginners. It can withstand the impact of snow, hail, and cracking.

Here are some more benefits that make your Solexx greenhouses stand apart from other substitutes available in the market:

  • Solexx greenhouses offer an R-Value of 2.3. This ensures premium insulation due to their 8-mm triple-walled polycarbonate. Solexx greenhouses’ energy retention and low temperature fluctuation lowers energy costs, resulting in higher ROI!
  • Solexx greenhouses feature a high R-value, hence less condensation. You don’t need to invest in different types of surfactants to facilitate condensation surplus. Solexx greenhouses have a slightly ribbed surface, reducing surface tension and allowing condensation droplets away from the roof and walls.
  • Solexx provides full-spectrum light while obstructing the infrared and UV ranges, increasing photosynthesis and curtailing UV damage.

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