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Additional Roof Window for Royal Victorian Greenhouses

Additional Roof Window for Royal Victorian Greenhouses

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Additional Roof Window for Royal Victorian Greenhouses

An additional Roof Window for Royal Victorian Greenhouses is a great addition for your greenhouse for additional air circulation. 

The roof window fits the Janssens Royal and Junior Victorian greenhouses.  It is the same material as the greenhouse – 4mm tempered safety glass and powder coated extruded aluminum with stainless steel hardware and rubber gasket.

This can only be purchased with the purchase of a greenhouse and cannot be shipped alone. 

Features & Specifications of the Roof Window for Royal Victorian Greenhouses

  • 🌳 Dimensions: 29” x 33”
  • 🌳 powder coated extruded aluminum 
  • 🌳 stainless steel hardware and rubber gasket
  • 🌳 Easy to install

Option 1: Exaco Janssens Automatic Roof Window Opener

This is an amazing feature provided for Royal or Junior Victorian greenhouse owners who do not want to manually open their roof windows. The black tube is filled with special paraffin oil - which expands when the temperature reached around 72º and the piston will push the window open up to about 14". When temperature falls a heavy spring pulls the window closed. No electricity needed!

Features and Specifications for the Automatic Roof Window Opener

  • Fully automatic - no electricity needed!
  • Opens to approx 14"
  • opens roof window automatically when it reaches 72º 
  • Automatically closes when temperature drops.
  • Please read instructions included with the Ventomax auto opener to fully understand the functioning and maintenance for these unique openers
  • Black color


Installing the automatic opener requires 2 bolts to be inserted into the roof crossbar for the lower mount The upper mount will clamp onto the window profile (Shown to the right).

    Option 2: Roof Window Wind Restraint kit

    The Roof Window Wind Restraint kit System protects auto-openers from powerful wind gusts. Sometimes the Auto Window openers can be pushed to open due to heavy winds which could cause them to break. The Restraint Kit can provide a secure system that will protect it from breakage. 

    This kit contains Two 15" stainless steel cables with nuts & bolts that are good for only for one roof Window. This kit can be used for both Can be used with RIGA and Victorian Greenhouses.

    Features and Specifications of the Restraint Kit

    🌳 Great to restraint roof windows in case of heavy winds.

    🌳 Two 15" stainless steel cables with nuts & bolts

    🌳 The Restraint Kit if for ONE roof window.

    🌳 This kit can be used for both Can be used with RIGA and Victorian Greenhouses.