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Bio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater 110V

Bio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater 110V

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Bio Green Palma - the Electric Fan Heater for Greenhouses and Damp Rooms- 110V

Powerful, compact, energy-saving and safe to use - these are the features of the new "Palma" electric fan heater by BIO GREEN. Its sturdy housing is made mainly of stainless steel. With this timeless design, the heater fits easily into any ambience. "Palma" is also the ideal solution for smaller greenhouses in which space is scare. Due to its compact shape, slip-resistant rubber feet and its practical carrying handle, it can be used almost anywhere.

It is particularly easy to select the desired temperature using the separate digital thermostat which can be mounted at eye level. The temperature sensor can be positioned anywhere.

The thermostat can be set to temperatures ranging from -50°C to + 99°C (-58°F to 210.2°F) which is perfect for most plant-related needs. Unlike its predecessor Thermo 1, Thermo 2 also allows you to ventilate the greenhouse, ensuring that the air is free of condensation. Even servomotors, for example for first ventilation, can be controlled with this device. “Palma” has an unrivalled output of 1500 W and air circulation rate of 163 m³/h, ensuring that the warm air is very rapidly and evenly distributed and that the temperature in your greenhouse is always maintained at the right level.

The digital thermostat even allows you to select temperatures in the minus range. Thanks to the heater's temperature accuracy (+/-2°C), energy consumption is surprisingly low, saving you money.

The portable, robust Palma meets very stringent safety standards; it has IPX4 protection and is thus splash-proof and can, therefore, be used in damp rooms, such as greenhouses, cellars, garages, workshops, warehouses, and music rooms. This adaptable all-rounder can even provide cost-effective additional heating in living areas.

  • 🌳Floor-standing heater
  • 🌳Splash-proof
  • 🌳1500 W / 5.120 BTUs heating output
  • 🌳163 m³/h air circulation
  • 🌳Very inexpensive to operate
  • 🌳Cable length 1.9m (approx. 6.2ft)

Thermo 2 digital thermostat (optional)

Whether heating, ventilating or cooling - “Thermo 2” by Bio Green is your ideal controller for all climate control systems in your greenhouse! Set the temperature and control, for example, the electric heater or the heating cable of your plant nursery via a thermostat. Unlike its sister unit “Thermo 1”, you can also use “Thermo 2” to cool the greenhouse or to ensure that the circulating air is free of condensation. Additionally, you can control servomotors, for example for first ventilation, with this device.

Benefits and Specifications of the Bio Green Palma heater for Greenhouses

  • 🌳Perfect heater for most greenhouse around 120 sq ft (depending on how many plants are put inside, less power is needed with a greenhouse full of plants)
  • 🌳Comes with 10 feet 3 prong power cord.
  • Size: 11" x 8" x 12.5" h
  • 🌳Perfect for Riga 2, Riga 2s, Riga 3, Riga 3s, Riga 4, Riga 5, All the Junior Greenhouses (Jvic 23, Jvic 23, Jvic 25) and for the Royal Victorian VI23, VI34, VI 36 Units.
  • 🌳 Ready to plug in
  • 🌳110 Volts
  • 🌳Heating in the cold, ventilation in the heat
  • 🌳Adjustment range -50 to + 99 ° C (-58°F to 210.2°F)
  • 🌳Robust and digital display
  • 🌳1.5 m (approx. 5ft) temperature sensor cable length
  • 🌳Incl. Schuko socket
  • 🌳Thermostat for all heating or cooling units or fans
  • 🌳Up to 1500 W power adjustable
  • 🌳Floor-standing heater
  • 🌳Very inexpensive to operate
  • 🌳Now with Thermo 2 digital thermostat
  • 🌳IPX4 splash-proof
  • 🌳163 m³/h air circulation
  • 🌳Cable length 1.9m (approx. 6.2ft)
  • 🌳1500 W / 5120 BTUs heating output
  • 🌳Heater needs 12,5 amps - circuit breaker of 15 amps required