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Exaco Hoklartherm Livingten 22mm Dual-Pane Insulated Glass Greenhouse

Exaco Hoklartherm Livingten 22mm Dual-Pane Insulated Glass Greenhouse

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Exaco Hoklartherm Livingten 22mm Dual-Pane Insulated Glass Greenhouse


Step into the future of gardening with the Exaco Hoklartherm Livingten 22mm Dual-Pane Insulated Glass Greenhouse—a haven for your plants that's as stylish as it is functional!

Picture this: a spacious oasis where your green pals bask in the glory of natural light through the expansive glass panels of this large greenhouse. With a whopping 22mm of dual-pane insulation (4mm - 14 mm gas -4 mm), it's like a cozy blanket for your plants, shielding them from the unpredictable moods of Mother Nature.

Dreaming of cultivating exotic blooms, succulent spreads, or a jungle of veggies? With the Exaco Hoklartherm Livingten, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. This greenhouse is not just a shelter; it's a canvas for your green fantasies.

The Livingten comes with two sets of double sliding doors that swing open with the grace of a dance move—easy access and ventilation that's so smooth, it's practically a breeze. And guess what? We've added four roof windows into the mix, complete with heavy-duty automatic solar-powered openers. It's like your greenhouse has its own set of lungs, breathing in that fresh air without you breaking a sweat.

For more airflow, two push-out side wall windows, giving you the power to control the breeze like a horticultural maestro. And for the serious green thumbs out there, we've thrown in a full-length LED lighting bar—let there be light, in style!

For those hot sunny days, roll up shade curtains are available to keep your plants comfortable.  it comes with a model-specific foundation frame, because even greenhouses deserve a solid foundation for a lifetime of glory. Are you ready to turn your growing dreams into a greenhouse extravaganza? The Livingten is waiting for you!

So, why settle for an ordinary greenhouse when you can elevate your gardening game with the Exaco Hoklartherm Livingten 22mm Dual-Pane Insulated Glass Greenhouse? Unleash your plant parent potential and turn your garden into a glass-encased masterpiece!

 This greenhouse comes in three sizes:

  • Livingten 5:   12' x 15' x 11' 
  • Livingten 6:   12' x 17' x 11 ' 
  • Livingten 7:   12' x 20' x 11' 

Features and Specifications of the Exaco Hoklartherm Livingten 22mm Dual-Pane Insulated Glass Greenhouse

        Exact Dimensions:

  •           Livingten 5:  11' 5 3/4" W x 14'3" L x 10'8" H 
  •           Space:  163 sq.ft.
  •           Livingten 6:  11' 5 3/4" W x 17' L x 10'8" H
  •           Space:  195 sq.ft.
  •           Livingten 7:  11' 5 3/4" W x 20' L x 10'8" H
  •           Space: 225 sq.ft.

  • 🌳Peak Height: 10'8"H (approximately 11')
  • 🌳Fully insulated greenhouse and pavilion
  • 🌳Glass: 22 mm (4mm - 14 mm gas -4 mm)
  • 🌳Color: Grey outside and silver inside.
  • 🌳Aluminum Structural Profiles: all Thermal insulated - "cold-wall" barrier
  • 🌳1 set of double sliding doors for gable ends: 61" wide opening
  • 🌳1 set double sliding doors for side walls: 61" wide opening
  • 🌳4 roof windows with heavy duty automatic openers: 32" x 36"
  • 🌳2 pop-out side windows (any wall): 32" w x 36" tall
  • 🌳Foundation Frame: optional use: 5" high I-Beam
  • 🌳3 sets of double side roll-up shade curtains - with aluminum weave
  • 🌳LED Light Bar - full length of greenhouse
  • 🌳Doors and windows are preassembled by the factory for easy and fast   Greenhouse assembly.
  • 🌳 Glass is packed in 4 wooden crates each roughly 88" long x 47" high x 20"  wide (600-990 lbs)
  • 🌳 Structural components packed separately in multiple boxes
  • 🌳 Total Shipping Weight: approx 4100lbs
  • 🌳 Made in Germany 🇩🇪 

Important Shipping & Delivery Information 🚚

  • 🌿Curbside Delivery
  • 🌿Delivery is done through LTL Motor Freight and is free, unless you live in an area with limited access (i.e. island etc...this is extremely rare) this might incurr extra fees.
  • 🌿We ship using an 18 wheeler (let us know if there are tight roads or low hanging wires, manufacturer cannot guarantee the availability of a smaller truck)
  • 🌿Someone will need to be available to receive the greenhouse. We will call to set up a delivery timeframe. Driver might need help although he will do most of the work.

*For more information, please check shipping and returns page in the menu below.

About the Manufacturer: Hoklartherm excels in crafting premium greenhouse systems. Renowned for precision engineering and innovative designs, they empower growers worldwide with state-of-the-art structures that optimize cultivation and nurture thriving crops.

Technical Documents

📝 Assembly Document for the Livingten 22mm Dual-Pane Insulated Glass Greenhouse 

📝 Warranty Document

📝 Ground prep using Foundation frame for Livingten greenhouse

📝 Aluminum Profile for Livingten Greenhouse