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Exaco Juwel Year-Round 4'x 2' Cold Frame

Exaco Juwel Year-Round 4'x 2' Cold Frame

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Exaco Juwel Year-Round 4'x2' Cold Frame

The Year Round Cold Frame is a great choice for someone who wants to grow plants but does not have space for a complete greenhouse. The Year Round Cold Frame features thick 4mm polycarbonate and aluminum frame construction, and includes both a poly cover and insect netting cover, so that the unit can be used throughout the year.

It is always great to be able to use the cold frame year-round, which is why when the temperature is low, the cold frame is used as a usual with the heat-insulating double skin pane an ventilated by opening the window. As it gets warmer, the double skin pane is removed. The insect net lying underneath is the perfect protection for all flying and creeping pests, as well as against heavy rain and hail. It is not necessary to open the window even to water. Water pour through the next in small drops.

The microclimate inside the frame ensures rich harvests. For planing and harvesting the window is conveniently fixed its open condition.

Timber Raised bed can also be attached to the Year Round Cold Frame. It provides great convenience. They are available in Brown and Gray.  The Year Round Cold frame can be set on the Raised beds in order to be set at a higher level without having to bend over, especially for gardners that are confined to a wheel chair. 

Features and Specifications of Year Round Cold Frame

  • 🌳   Easy to assemble
  • 🌳   Double use from early spring until autumn
  • 🌳   Integrated insect netting protects from pests hail and heavy rain...
  • 🌳   watering through the net
  • 🌳   Comes with 2 covers: Poly and Insect Netting
  • 🌳   One large lid with two covers
  • 🌳   Twin wall 4mm polycarbonate against cold weather
  • 🌳   Insect screen protects against small animals, hail and bad winds
  • 🌳   Easy to water right through net cover during warm weather
  • 🌳   Raised Beds are specially designed for gardening without having to bend over
  • 🌳   Raised beds are Great for disabled or people confined to wheelchairs who want to garden
  • 🌳  Double height set (raised beds)comes with aluminum tubes for cross bracing through the middle of unit for strength
  • 🌳   Made in Austria
  • 🌳   Warranty: 2 year (year Round Cold Frame)
  • 🌳.  Warranty: 5 year (Raised beds)


Dimensions of the Year Round Cold Frame: 4'2"W x 1'9" D x 1'H front, 1'3" ft H back)  

Dimensions of the  Timber Raised Beds(double) : 4'2" L x 2' W x 1'3"H

All Year Round Cold Frame Assembly Document

    Slightly opened Juwel Year-Round Cold Frame above and fully opened cold frame below with the text in the middle saying Year-round gardening for small spaces with the Jewel Cold Frame