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Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains

Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains

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Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains

Introducing the Garden Guardian: Universal Retractable Roll-Up Shade Curtains! These versatile curtains are the multitasking heroes your greenhouse has been yearning for.

Imagine a sleek set of retractable Roll-up Shade curtains that can effortlessly adapt to the ever-changing moods of the sun. The Garden Guardian does just that, with its ingenious retractable design. Need some vitamin D for your plants? Roll 'em up! Too much of a good thing? Time to roll down and create the perfect shade oasis.

But wait, there's more green magic! These curtains aren't just about playing hide-and-seek with the sun. They moonlight as thermal wizards, balancing the temperature dance inside your greenhouse. Hot summer day? The Garden Guardian keeps it cool.

Benefits of the Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains

  1. Temperature Control: Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains are the cool custodians of your greenhouse. They help regulate the temperature by providing shade during scorching days. Think of them as your plants' personal air conditioner.

  2. Sunlight Management: Too much of a good thing can be harmful. Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight your plants receive, preventing sunburns and maintaining optimal growing conditions. It's like giving your plants their own dimmer switch.

  3. Energy Efficiency: By reducing the intensity of sunlight, Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains help conserve energy. They minimize the need for excessive cooling systems, keeping your greenhouse energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

  4. Crop Protection: Delicate plants can be a bit drama-prone when it comes to harsh weather. Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains act as a shield, protecting your green buddies from hail, heavy rain, or intense sunlight. It's like giving them a cozy, weatherproof blanket.

  5. Water Conservation: Less sunlight means slower evaporation. Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains assist in retaining moisture, helping you save water. They're the hydration experts of the greenhouse world.

  6. Crop Flexibility: Different plants have different sunlight preferences. Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains offer you the flexibility to create microclimates within your greenhouse, accommodating a variety of plant species with diverse needs. It's like giving each plant its own personalized sunbathing spot.

  7. Reduced Stress: Just like a spa day for your plants, Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains reduce stress by preventing extreme temperature fluctuations. Stress-free plants are happy, flourishing plants.

  8. Privacy: Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains are great for privacy. For greenhouses that require privacy, these roll up curtains provide will do the job.


The Retractable Roll-up Shade Curtains comes in two styles depending on where they are mounted:

🌳Roof : The retractable Roll-up Shade curtain hangs in the middle line or rafters and comes in a single roll. that covers both the left and right side. each side covers up to 8 ft. 

🌳 Side Wall: Single roll - these are mounted against the inside of the gutter profiles or against the bottom of the rafters.

The Length is up to 8ft. The Width is either 39 in, 47in, 59 in, 78 in, 88 in, 98 in.

    Features of the retractable roll-up shade curtains:

    • 🌳  Material: Aluminum Weave
    • 🌳  Provides 60% shade.
    • 🌳  Made in Germany
    • 🌳  Manufacturer: Hoklartherm

    How many Retractable Shade Curtains are needed in each of the Modern Greenhouses we carry?

    Modern 23 (8x10): It requires (2) of the Retractable SHADES for Roof Coverage

    Modern 34 (10x15): It requires (3) of the Retractable SHADES for Roof Coverage

    Modern 36 (10x20): It requires (3) of the Retractable SHADES for Roof Coverage (one at the center two panes between the standard placement of the triangular supports) and one on either side – you will have unshaded portions toward the gable ends.  If you want (4) of the Retractable shades for full coverage, you would have to staggered in height AND the triangular supports would need to be mounted 2 panes in from each end - in high snow areas we’d recommend a 3rd triangle support at the midpoint.